This Is Emma Watson’s Little Brother

So…um…yeah. Here’s Emma Watson’s little brother, Alex. He’s 19 years old, so all I’m going to say is that while he does resemble a Greek god, he’s obviously way too young for me. Regardless, in some of these photos, perhaps you see the resemblance to the older sister? Yes? A little bit? No seriously, it’s creepy.

If he looks a little familiar, it’s not just because you think you’ve seen him star in every Harry Potter film (although he did have bit parts in a few). It’s because he co-starred in some of Emma Watson’s first Burberry ads.

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    • Lea

      I WANT

    • Jinx

      I can’t decide who I want more, him or her.

      • Venus in Furs

        Why choose?

        (Don’t judge me.)

    • Amanda


    • Daisy

      Their likeness in the fifth photo is just plain creepy.

      • rita

        i think the 6th is worse. its weird cuz hes so cute but its like, am i only thinking this because of my girl crush on emma watson? ha

    • zafu

      Emma looks great in drag! We need to get Jo Calderone in on this photo shoot.

    • Megs

      Oh, my. That is a lovely man.

    • Ninargh

      Oh, wow. Perving on someone of his age feels totally wrong. But I’m going through the gallery again anyway.

    • Nicole

      I no longer have to wonder what its like to be with Emma Watson

    • Steph

      Lol good looking but a little too girly for my taste!

    • Chelsea