• Tue, Oct 4 2011

Video: Want To See How Magnetic Nail Polish Works?

It will turn you into Magneto, but with better hair! You’ll be manipulating the world on a subatomic level!

No, not really. Though I’ll admit I had hoped that this new nail polish would allow me to go through life, flinging my hands out like claws, effortlessly stealing everything metal in my path. Basically, I spend a lot of time thinking about how much fun it would be to be a super-villain. I have dreams. But it would also be fun to have nail polish that drew out a different layer of color to create this ripply pattern, like the kind Nail Inc made. We’ll just try not to focus on its depressingly misleading name.

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  • Jamie Peck

    My friend actually had a small magnet implanted in her finger! She says it’s really useful for picking up sewing needles and pins. Also, it’s just cool.