Gallery: The 10 Worst Things About Kanye West’s Debut Womenswear Collection

Kanye West’s debut womenswear collection showed in Paris this week. Tangentially, Kanye West is not qualified to be a fashion designer. The fashion press is now having a field day, criticizing the fit, the off-season materials, the painful absence of originality and the white-washed casting. The Wall Street Journal‘s Christina Binkley even tweeted Kanye should feel lucky he “has a solid day job.”

Kanye himself wants people to be more understanding because he’s trying, telling WWD: “This is my first collection. Please be easy. Please give me a chance to grow.” Kanye also whined about how he put his heart and soul into this and how he even took out loans to finance the whole production, get the best models, the best materials, etc. Loans, you guys. Loans! Like the things some of you took out to finance your education! Kanye did that for pants and his own vanity.

As for being “easy,” we say: no deal, Kanye.

Although it’s a bit of a shock that someone with an ego like West’s actually doesn’t know how hubris works, it really shouldn’t be. Here’s some thoughts and feelings about this truly misguided career decision he called fashion.

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    • Pam

      Lindsay Lohan lol she’s like ecstatic about the tacky clothes and about being seated near the Olsen twins. If I was a fashion designer I would not want her to be photographed sitting in the front row looking so pleased. I don’t know why people were so excited for kanye west to do this, I always thought it would be awful, and I was right

    • Oland

      He’s embarrassed himself pretty bad this time.


      The fur back was cute (from the front)

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    • KyotoKyutie

      Hmmmmm… Well, this is my first look at his collection. While I think people are overly critical simply because it’s Kanye, some valid criticisms were made regarding non-seasonal fabrics and the non-existence of a color palette. In his defense, there are some well-made and innovative pieces. I personally love the fur parachute-vest and the knit “baby bootie” cut-out sandal. (^_^) Maybe Mr. West was so excited about starting this line that he wanted to put every piece into this one collection instead of saving it for Fall/Winter 2012. (Read: the all-black ensemble with fur stole and the fur parachute-vest)
      Just remember, no one is forcing you to buy his clothing, or even look at it for that matter. Can we just congratulate the guy or be the least bit inspired by someone who isn’t afraid to pursue one of their passions?

    • Zimmm

      Well, it’s not great, but it’s not completely awful either. A good point was made about the unseasonableness of it…perhaps he’s confused about when fur and jackets should be presented?
      I was curious about this show I have to admit. He’s an incredibly talented musician but that doesn’t guarantee to translate well to fashion.