Photoshop Of Horrors: What Is Kristen Stewart Sitting On For The Cover Of British GQ?

You guys, Kristen Stewart really does have magical powers, like her Twilight character! Look how she can make this chair float, when it should be falling into the pool to the left. What’s it floating on? Vampire teeth? Werewolf fur? Teenage angst? We may never know.

Maybe the photo editors at British GQ thought no one would notice the furniture with Stewart all dolled up like that. But WE DID.

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    • blue

      I think you’re mistaking the angle and the construction & placement of the chair for an impossible shot. If the chair’s legs are situated more toward the middle (where her butt is—it doesn’t even have to be an adjustable lounge chair), it looks fine to me. The coping only thins out on the left, and the chair isn’t there. Of course, with the way they do photography now, she doesn’t even have to be at a pool. But I think the chair placement is plausible, if not a common spot for you to choose.