Party Favors: Drawing Ryan Gosling

An illustrated guide to Drive. -The Hairpin

And you probably want Ryan Gosling‘s white satin ‘Driver’ jacket. -Styleite

Things that no longer shock us (like celebrity crotch flashes). -College Candy

This book sounds terrifying. -DoubleX

Do you want to watch Tupac get a blowjob? -Betty Confidential

Make your own Missoni-inspired kicks. (Awesome idea, guys) -Refinery29

Dry brushing sounds like some kind of crazy miracle. -Birchbox

Celebrity couples who met at work. -YourTango

Jessica Alba in repose. -StyleList Home

Not only are there fashion QR codes, there’s a top 10. -The High Low

I miss No Doubt-era Gwen Stefani. -StyleList

Alessandra Ambrosio pairs a cobalt mini with a fur vest. -The Budget Babe

Scientists will never figure out if wine is good for you. -YouBeauty

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