The Editors Discuss: The Terrible Movie Based On H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine

Okay, this is pretty esoteric (even for us) but, do you guys remember The Time Machine? It was pretty much universally derided as a shameful piece of shit. It came up pretty randomly this afternoon. Deputy Editor Ashley Cardiff hasn’t seen it since it came out while EIC Jennifer Wright loves the original story by HG Wells and has seen the movie more times than she’d like to admit. Ashley thought Jennifer should explain to her what the movie was about, like they did recently with The Lion King. The only problem was Jennifer didn’t have time to assemble the slides, so Ashley had to do it.

…Albino dinosaur Jeremy Irons and more ahead.

Also. For you:

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    • Linus

      You’re both fucking insane.

      But I would wife either of you?

      • Jennifer Wright

        Meet me at the skating rink!

    • Deborah

      What about the original movie?

    • LaLa

      I loved this book but I never knew there was a movie (besides the 1960 version). So you can imagine how excited I was the other night when I saw that a newer version was coming on TNT (TBS?). I swear I think I only watched 5 minutes. It was so bad and the plot was not anywhere near the book. I finally switched over to House Hunters International because I figured, even watching rich assholes shop for a vacation home in San Tropez was better than watching this shit.

    • Amy

      Oh, please tell me you’ll do the new 3 Musketeers movie? Please?

    • Eileen

      I remember seeing and liking this movie. Now you have me questioning whether it was actually worth watching or the thrill of going to a “grown-up” movie with my best friend when I was thirteen made it seem so.

    • MR

      Yeah the movie stunk, though I did watch them film part of it. The thing that’s most scary is what ‘The Future’ is and would be – if it weren’t for the Time Machine. The 3 Musketeers? I think if the movie’s any good it will be because of Milla Jovovich. She has done some really nice work. Just loved her in The Fifth Element and her Joan of Arc in The Messenger.