JewelMint Will Help You Select The Best Jewelry For You

Buying jewelry is the worst. Sure it starts off all fun, but then, after an hour of pawing through flea market rings and being blinded by all the sparkles blending together, you find yourself wondering, “A ring depicting a giant orangutan? In topaz? Is that me?” No! It’s not you! Someone should have told you that. Fortunately, JewelMint is here to help you out.

The members-only jewelry club will help you select which accessories are right for you based on a style and personality profile. You’ll answer questions like whether your taste is closer to Alexa Chung’s or Sarah Jessica Parker’s, and whether you prefer Chloe or Christian Dior. Once you’ve taken the quiz, they’ll select items that are the best fit for you. And all the pieces will be trendy, because JewelMint has teamed up with fashion icon Kate Bosworth and Hollywood’s stylist of the year Cher Coulter to design every piece featured on its site. It’s like having a friend with great taste who is always around to help you out – if your friend was a style savvy movie star.

And the prices are pretty friendly, too. Once you become a member, each designer piece is only $29.99, so you can indulge your passion for jewelry without breaking your budget. There are new personalized designs to check out every month, and none of them look like that weird orangutan thing you got from the flea market.

Last and best of all, JewelMint is offering Gloss readers a special: enter the promo code GLOSS for 50% off on your first purchase (for first time users). This amazing little deal expires on 10/31/11, so hurry up!

This post was sponsored by JewelMint.

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    • Shannon

      Hey, it’s Jewelmint! I like Jewelmint. I bought something from them and then they refunded my money and canceled my account. No idea why, but I consider it a good experience (free jewelry!). Plus, I didn’t have to deal with being billed every month. Maybe if I ever give it a second shot, they will give me free stuff and cancel my account again. Oh, but! I did notice that the goldtone parts of the bracelet I got were about F21-quality with all the wearing-off of color, so there’s that.

    • Jane

      jewelmint is super fun! i look forward to the first of the month when they send me my new “showroom”…its the perfect excuse to buy myself a treat :)

    • Stephanie Zhao

      They will never stop sending you emails. I’ve tried to unsubscribe so many times.

    • Casey

      They will send you emails at least once a day, sometimes twice a day, advertising the set of jewelry that remains the same for a month. A ring I bought from them is actually buckling inward, somehow, and turns my finger green. Fortunately it was on one of their half price deals. I canceled my account.

    • Mel

      I’m so glad there are websites out there that tell me what I like, because God only knows I can’t make a decision based on my personal interests! It’s so much better than actually going to a jewelry store and picking something out for myself!