Poll: What Are Your Thoughts On Lady Gaga’s Green Blush?

Lady Gaga is currently in London (doing regular person shit like fraternizing with Philip Treacy, as in the above shot she tweeted) and stepped out wearing smudges of minty green blush. This is pretty tame and minimal for Gaga, and in that context, I think it’s kind of pretty? Maybe I’m just relieved she isn’t wearing dick shoes?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

Here’s a few more shots:


(Photos with Gaga’s Twitter, Zimbio)

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    • Sally

      I’m not a huge gaga fan and i’ve found her pretty annoying the last few months, but i actually LOVE her hair like this! I could never pull it off but I really love it

    • Ash

      she looks pretty though but seriously, I don’t care if it’s lady gaga or Lady Bunny, green blush doesn’t work out on the street.

    • crackerjackie

      It kind of reminds me of detention when the chalk from clapping erasers gets on you.

    • Sally

      I think it could work on the street if it was done properly, but she’s already moved onto something tackier

    • L

      oh good lord.