Why I Hate Yoga

I think it’s mostly because of all the privileged white people saying “namaste” in badly accented Hindi, to be honest.

Don’t get me wrong, I like exercise. I really like running. I like weird classes were you jump up and down on bouncy ball shaped things and an instructor yells at you (is there a name for this? Also, did I make this up?) I even like exercise that’s designed to increase your flexibility. I love pilates. I just don’t want to confuse “exercise time” with “relaxation time.” Which yoga instructors seem to do, given that they always seem to be smiling and whispering “relax” to the class.

Relax? No. No, because this is not relaxation time. Are you curious about why that’s the case?

Here are some things I do to relax:

Put together puzzles

Play angry birds

Bake pies that don’t involve any kind of chopping (chopping pies can equal stressful “Am I going to fuck up and cut my finger?” thoughts) (Yes! You are!)

Do crosswords

Look up pictures of hairless cats online and contemplate whether or not I should get a cat (probably not? Everyone in my life says “no” but that little gremlin’s face says “let’s go have some adventures together.”)

Watch basically whatever movie is on AMC

Here are some things I do not do to relax:

Hang around upside down balancing on my hands with one leg pushed so far up in the air it hurts, seriously fucking hurts.



Pretending that exercise is anything other than “a somewhat painful ordeal we go through to look and feel better” strikes me as being suspiciously like “lying.”

Given a choice, I would much rather deal with an irate instructor screaming at me that I’m “a pathetic weakling” than someone saying in some sort of pseudo-hippie voice “be at peace and fully yourself.” I know I’m a pathetic weakling! I mean, the “pathetic” part seems unnecessary and sort of mean, but weakling? Sure! Yes, I am weak-ish! That is why I am here. You are no liar, irrationally angry bouncy ball lady!

If I wanted to be fully myself I suppose I could meditate or sit and… tear apart blades of grass? What do people do when they are being “real?”

I’ll give you a clue: they don’t mutter “be the change you want to see in the world” while people are pulling their hamstrings out of whack. Because the change I want to see in the world is not everyone dropping $20 bucks on a yoga class and overpriced Lululemon gear so they can sweat 10 pounds off in an overheated room that smells like feet. That might be the opposite of the change I wish to see in the world. I think that’s roughly categorised as “nightmare world.”

But mostly I hate all the soothing, meditative stuff because it makes me feel like I must be doing something wrong. Because, for me, most of yoga hurts. About half an hour into a class, after the instructor asks me things like “doesn’t it feel good?” when I’m pushed deeper into a pose (no) I will genuinely believe that it’s weird that I don’t find lying on my elbow with one leg stretched up relaxing. “My body must be made of bad… body stuff?” I’ll think to myself.

Then I’ll look up and realize that the instructor is not in some weird bendy pretzel position. She is able to calmly intone “relax” to the class and ask them to “feel their breathing” because all she is doing is walking around the room laying the flat of her hand on people’s backs. Yeah. That IS relaxing. If there was a recreational “walk around touching people’s backs class” I would… probably not sign up for it. It sounds sort of invasive and uncomfortable. But I would find it more physically, if not mentally, relaxing than yoga.

Because yoga is the worst. Just completely made out of lies about how you are changing the world by raising your leg up like a urinating dog. You aren’t. You might be losing ten pounds, but you are not changing the world, anymore than you are when you are doing any recreational activity.

Though, you know, if I could find a class without all the lies? I think I might actually enjoy it.


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    • Sally

      I agree. Plus it makes me feel nauseous

    • Jamie Peck

      THIS. THIS. ALL OF THIS. Plus, like Sally, I get nauseous from going upside down too much. Also, my left wrist is fucked up so I can’t do a bunch of the poses and then I feel irrationally self conscious.

      • Steven

        This was my original response on FB where this article was reposted:

        Within the first 2 sentences, I knew there is no credibility to what Jennifer Wright has to say about yoga. She is clearly a brat, is self-righteous and opinionated, and couldn’t sit down and shut up for 5 minutes. Like there are no smelly feet in Pilates or Bouncy Ball class, but she seem to be ok with that? She just wanted to bitch about something she could not perfect in 2 seconds; a very common problem for non-yoga people, I might add. If she really wanted to get a proper beating in a yoga class, there are a vast number of vinyasa classes she could attend. In reality, she has no interest in doing anything that she is not good at. Also, she is so Type A where she must be in an aggressive environment and be told she is worthless.

        @Jamie Peck – assuming you had not informed your teacher about your wrist injuries, you could actually do almost every pose similarly as you would if you were not injured. I have people who come to class with non-yoga related wrist injuries. They do all poses in their forearms (Down-Dog, Side-Plank, etc.). I also had an elderly woman (probably close to 70) who had chronic shoulder injuries come to my vinyasa class and that was how she modified all her poses.

    • Lauren

      YES! I would love yoga classes if it wasn’t for all the meditation stuff. I want to work on my strength and flexibility, but not while someone is pseudo whispering about the inner peace that “frog pose” should give me. It doesn’t.

      • INDIAN

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      • Doesn’t give a fuck about yoga

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    • Kelly

      I’m rarely relaxed while I am actually in the middle of a yoga class, but the feeling that comes AFTER the class when I’m all flexible and loosey-goosey is the part that actually makes me think of yoga as relaxing, even though it’s more like after-yoga is relaxing.

      • Jenny

        I agree Kelly. I LOVE yoga, but I definitely don’t feel relaxed during the class. It’s the last few minutes in corpse pose and afterwards that I feel really loose and relaxed.

      • francesca

        totally agree. if you have a good teacher (mine swears regularly – which for me, is what works) you know you are working your ass off during the class. but that feeling afterwards is so great.

    • Allison

      This is why I love pilates! The laying-on-the-floorness satisfies my inner lazy, but it’s actually hard and no one’s going “relax!”

      • IndiaN

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    • Kieron

      I think you need to find another class.

      • IndiaN

        I know you need to find another boat and leave!

    • Carrisa

      wow. FYI: there are other Yoga options out there… Yin, Restorative, Flow, Power, Mixed level… just to name a few. I love Hot Yoga but if you don’t like it, try a different style/teacher. Please don’t stereotype all of Yoga based on one style or class. Speaking of stereotypes, many of the yogis in my classes are not white, and we all say Namaste’ from the heart not from the lips. I hope you decide to give Yoga another shot sometime soon. Shanti’ ;)

      • IndiaN

        no there is no option but to kill yourself!

    • MR

      I think it’s more of a philosophical thing. Again I base this on the mindset of the two women who practiced yoga that I dated 28 and 30 years ago.

      • IndiaN


    • Galfromdownunder Yoga

      *chuckle* you need to come to my “Yoga for Runners+Cyclists” and “Yoga for Workaholics” classes at Yoganesh NYC. There IS a certain amount of “yogatude” around – happens with anything that surges in popularity. I think a lot of people – especially guys – are put off by the spiritual stuff unless they are open to it. That’s why there are so many kinds of class, with different degrees of “omming” or none at all.
      I was yoga-averse until I “got it.” I like the “captive participant” structure which makes sure that at the end of the hour or so, your entire body has been systematically stretched like bubblegum in every direction. One tip – the breath really is key. After the panting associated with most other forms of exercise, the “Darth Vader” breath (I won’t annoy you with the Sanskrit word) is a really clever breath that makes yoga – and destressing during the day – so much easier, pleasant and effective. I hope you Google it, manage not to gag, and try it sometime!

      • Tina

        I used to take power yoga classes at YoGanesh. Not anymore. I am not going to lie if I say that they influenced my home yoga practice greatly.

        It does not matter how I breathe.

        Why doesn’t anybody tell the real truths:

        • You feel so much better after the yoga class is over. But ONLY if you’ve paced yourself in class. Trial and error. One of the better teachers I ever had (too bad it was in a gym rather than a studio teacher) “You can go as far as you like into the posture, NO MATTER WHAT I SAY …”
        • The instructor’s patter is like so much background noise and could make the session seem faster. But so can music. I much prefer New Age “tripe” to personal stories, but that’s me.
        • Pilates does work faster on the core for some people than does yoga … if that’s what I’m after I do that at home as part of my practice.


      • IndiaN

        you shouldn’t breathe period you should choke and die!

    • Laura

      LOL! I love the honesty of this article! I think I have a class option for you as well…

    • Rachel

      Oh there are plenty of classes without all the lies :)

      • IndiaN

        yes as long as white people aint in it!

    • Kusuma

      I totally don’t agree with our article. If you do not know about a subject do not write about it, and need to be cautious about using a strong word as ‘hate’. Yoga is not a lie, it is a science more than 5000 years old. It it were a lie, it would have seized to exist centuries ago. If you think only sweating out in cardio or aerobics makes you lose weight and feel better, you are wrong. You need to expand your thinking and learn what really yoga is about. Try learning the meaning of each position, its health benefits, and why its designed that way. Just because you don’t sweat doesn’t mean its not exercise. It was a science designed 5000 years ago. It is weight training using your own body weight, it helps you lose weight and keeps your body healthy and prevents many physical, mental and health problems. I practice yoga myself, and have seen its benefits. Yoga is not everyone’s cup of tea, cos it requires dedication, patience and commitment. It is not a lie. Maybe your yoga instructor is, but Yoga is not. It is wise to research thoroughly before writing about a subject.

    • scott

      are you aware that pilates is stemmed from yoga? as well most of todays exercise and fitness ideals and practices..though most would do everything they can to deny it. do a little research and understand the roots before you make such bold and bitter statements.
      speaking of roots, there are many reasons why one may practice yoga, coming back to the roots of any movement or activity (physical, mental or spiritual) helps to enhance the experience of daily life. and ultimately i believe that is what yoga is all about.. the practice on the mat is the preparation for the moments that we live off the mat every day.
      as far as sweat or no sweat in classes…i am a yoga teacher and i have taught slow moving classes, requiting stability, balance and muscle control. you would be surprised at who much some of my students work up a sweat and really feel a burn durnign and after a class. mush like and i would tout better than any cardio or aerobic class…because the movements ate controlled and there is a mental awareness of the motions and activity of the muscles being worked…
      even more so practicing this type of mental focus enhances our awareness of our actions, movements, our daily routines, in such a way that we may be more effective and efficient. that all may benefit.


      • IndiaN

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      • IndiaN

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    • Samantha

      Yeah. Definitely sounds like you are doing it wrong. Why not try an at home hatha routine? I’ve been doing it for years and it is the ONLY thing (except meditation) that will relax me and make me feel real again when I am overly anxious and stressed… Sounds like you are fighting against your body, which is not the goal. You stretch to the best of your ability and eventually you will get better. If you try too hard and you’re first starting out, you’re bound to hurt yourself. Yoga is about getting in sync with your body, mind, and spirit, not just about getting in shape. ;)

    • Martie Schoener

      You are most definitely in the wrong yoga class – wrong style and wrong people – for you. There are ways to do yoga – if you wish to do it – that do not hurt. I teach yoga to people with disabilities. Sometimes we do it seated in chairs – sometimes on the mat. You do not have to do inversions (going upside down) and you do not have to do it in a room heated to 105 degrees!!! I think that someone just likes complaining about something they obviously need to do more research on! There are a million ways to do yoga. A really good teacher will help you find the yoga that is right for your body – and all that it brings to the mat; you don’t have to be bendy or flexible. I tell my class that all I am offering is suggestions up here! You do NOT have to do any of what I do if it doesn’t feel good…let me know and we’ll find something else. And if you want to come and spend the entire class lying down – then do it! In some of my classes we ‘om’ at the end – because the STUDENTS like to do that. At some of my other classes, we never ‘om.’ Unfortunately, there is a LOT of misinformation regarding yoga out there – and this is one of them.

      • TRUTH

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    • Jo

      Yeesh, people really went to town in this comment section. I agree a bit with both Jennifer and the commenters.

      When I think about the things that can peeve me about yoga, I think of this phrase a yoga teacher I had kept saying: “take the energy from the floor.” Uhh… what? Like, are you telling me to work against gravity? Are you just making shit up about the transfer of energy?

      Also that and I am totally a weaking. Like some others have said, the relaxing part is usually at the end/afterwords. “OMG, child’s pose?! THANK GOD SWEET JESUSS YESSSS.” There is always a middle part where in my head I am just cursing the instructor out, “fuck you, I CANNOT take the energy from the floor, and I cannot hold this warrior pose any longer!”

      So… I definitely don’t hate yoga (it feels like the only exercise I am capable of), but I understand the “spirituality” bit not being for everyone, nor is it necessarily particularly relaxing, at least depending on your level, how long you’ve been doing it, etc.

      I appreciate this post, not because I was expecting it to be some really thoroughly researched piece about yoga, but because it definitely conveys feelings I’ve had about yoga in the past.

      • Tina

        Seriously—I am a sucker for that “take the energy from the floor”, kind of tripe …

        What I don’t like are pushy adjustments and the teasy showing-off by the instructor …

        My ideal class would be highly aerobic in a non-acrobatic fashion, with some tripe.

        Sad what’s out there …

      • IndaN

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    • Aleina

      This article makes a lot of sense.

    • Chels

      Umm this was a brilliant piece!! It’s like you’re in my head in every single yoga class I’ve been too. Am I relaxed in cow pose in front of the creeper from IT during our lunch hour yoga class? Not a fucking chance. But maybe my remote access issues will move to the top of his priority list.

    • Shae

      Me and my not-at-all-bendy-since-second-grade-gymnastics body agree!

    • M-Harry Smilac

      For a long time I play one of the most aggressive sports out there, Ice Hockey and now I practice yoga twice a day–mainly for the exercise and if some sort of calm spiritual wave comes over you so what. Yoga is great because you can make it as hard as you want (I guarantee that there are routines that will make you cry like a baby as you seem to desire) or ones that will practically make you fall asleep. I love yoga because you can to it in the privacy of your own home making it very convenient and helps with my aversion to exercise in from of people. You should try to find a small class like I did at http://innerdivinityyoga.com/ she never has more than four students at once and never turns down a theme request for a class (her favorite is Hip Hop). I do it for the exercise and if something else good comes from it–what is the fuss?

    • charlie

      why dont you just drop the word yoga in your title and call it “why i hate ? ” your ignoranace of yoga shines through .

    • alexa

      Come on, are there really people getting offended here? I am sure these same thoughts were going through all of your friends when you first began to practice. I actually found it quite funny, and I love yoga.

      • IndiaN

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    • S.

      I totally agree. Thank you for writing this.

      For whatever reason, yoga always makes me feel violent. Like, I silently curse the instructor for most of the class.

      Clearly not only is my body made of bad body stuff, my mind is made of bad mind stuff, too.

      • IndiaN

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    • klearson2000

      You are clearly so far immersed in your bourgeois lifestyle of puzzles and faux pie baking skills that there is no way you could ever even dream of obtaining a whisper of appreciation for the high art that is yoga. While I am achieving nirvana and entering orgasmically into my next life as a lightly sea salted pretzel, you’ll be running yourself into an early grave. Namaste mothah fuckah!

    • jiraf

      hahah!! klearson2000. yes.

      but yoga f*cking sucks.

      (I don’t exercise and I’ve immaturely shaken/snorted with laughter during every yoga class I’ve attempted -feel your eyeballs relaxing?? ha! no thanks -not to mention I can’t touch my toes and my bones creak every time I move even though I’m 23 (does that mean anything?? is that too young for creaky bones I started taking vitamins recreationally so I won’t have to do yoga)- so what do I know.) I do know that was probably a completely incorrect use of (parentheses)

      • IndiaN

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    • Carolyn

      You obviously don’t really know anything about yoga. Have you ever even tried it? Well either way you can still relax in some nice yoga pants. Try these at http://www.harmonyyogapants.com

    • Tom Hagood

      It’s the fucking chanting that I hate!

      • hatePolitician

        same like the fucking music I hate… This doesnt make u smarty pant

    • Nancy

      I just don’t get most of the poses and I agree that the silly things the instructor says can be irritating. I have just today done the only yoga routine I have ever come close to liking, the stretching type. The instructor while keeping a soothing tone wasn’t irritating but that is why I have so many of her DVD’s. (Cathe Friedrich). By and large I really have to say if you don’t like one type of exercise try another. I am mainly a weights and Hi/Lo and Step girl. I don’t care for running, Pilates isn’t for me, I find going to the gym boring. All my workouts are done at home in front of my television. This same woman has a strength Yoga DVD which I will try soon. Since I liked her first we’ll see. I always try to keep an open mind although watching a preview I see many yoga poses I find difficult to do and that I haven’t enjoyed in the past. And before you say I haven’t done it long enough to get used to it there was one particular Yoga DVD I did for a month, (strength type), and I hated it just as much the last time as the first. I will probably stick to the stretching type as that I find relaxing and easier to get used to.

    • bbjamfan

      Love this! This is exactly how I feel about yoga. And now that my idiot sister-in-law is a yoga instructor (after ten weekends of “study”!) yoga is ALL she and my mother-in-law talk about. All the time. Yoga has changed their entire lives and sister-in-law is saving the entire town through yoga. And every moment of stress anyone ever experiences is due to their not doing yoga as is my mother’s GENETIC vision condition causing her to lose her sight. Needless to say, the word “yoga” basically makes me want to scream these days.

      And, incidentally, my yoga instructor sister-in-law has gone UP three clothing sizes in the last year which coincides with opening her own yoga studio and teaching. That ever growing fact does not sell me on yoga as a miracle work out.

    • Dustin

      Youre anger is your mind manifesting itself. It is natural since you lived you’re whole life this way (including myself). Yoga is for everyone, not everyone is for yoga. Anyhow, give it another chance without the expectations on what it might be. hatha(the physical) yoga is just a preparation anyhow– its really not that big of a deal, it to make you be able to sit still for long periods of time in meditation(let go of youre preception is about this as well)… Its just been popularized by celebrities like Madonna.

      • Tom Hagood

        Madonna who?

    • mm

      so this is going to piss a lot of people off, and I didn’t take the time to read all of the comments to see if somebody already said it, but here’s why I hate yoga: everyone who does yoga is a self professed “yogi” (PUKE) and they’re generally pretentious and self absorbed, all while thinking that they’re zen and centered blah blah blah blah blah. Also, they say annoying crap like “namaste”……this is not coming from a place of ignorance it’s coming from living and working in Santa Monica AT A YOGA CLOTHING STORE, then working a different job with a bunch of people who did yoga together after work. I hate yoga. I hate it. I disliked it before I met a million “yogis” and now I utterly despise it. Go to the gym like a normal person and get OVER yourself. Sorry to offend people but it’s just soooo annooooyyyyinngnggngnggg

      • Andrew

        The only reason people do yoga is to pump up their egos, which in the USA (and other western countries) are HUGE!

      • David Freiman

        The definition of yogi is someone who practices yoga. Therefore, anyone can call themselves a yogi or yogini. Just as anyone who picks up an instrument can call themselves a musician. So sorry you don’t like yoga. I hope you find something else that improves you as a person. Yogis don’t aspire to be like you either.

      • Michael

        @davidfreiman:disqus Yoga does not improve you as a person. It melts your mind and turns you into a self prophesied puppet. That comment is exactly what this article is about.

      • INDIAN

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      • Mexican

        Lol, Indian you are so ignorant, plus I’m not white, I’m Mexican! Pretty big talk behind a screen, you probably would not say that in public, Oh by the way use your native language instead of English if you hate America so much.

    • julie

      New Age Yoga is a bit pretentious. But at it’s core, yoga is a spiritual practice not “exercise”. It personally helps me relax because I’m focusing on clearing my mind and concentrating on my body’s strength and position. Yoga is about aligning mind and body and letting go of the ego. “Namaste” actually means “I bow, without ego, to you.” It’s about letting go of your endless want for ‘stuff’ and achieving peace.
      I find it rewarding, I practice alone in my home, not in a studio.

      • INDIAN

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    • Mae

      These are my experiences with yoga to date and are the reasons I love this article:
      - my fiancé’s ex wife left him for yoga (good for me though because we found each other and he is a great guy and we now have a beautiful daughter together).
      - I had the “un-pleasure” of meeting a yogi the other day. She was unkind, rude, insecure, and nothing close to being centered (whatever that means). And I’m not a mean person, I like other people…this encounter though was one of a kind!
      - As a former gymnast I’m flexible and when I attempted yoga I…let’s just say it hurt and didn’t provide me with a work out rather a headache for the rest of the day.

      • hatePolitician

        Yoga hurts, that is the reason, it help your body to stay fit. You can loose weight even without running… Also, doing yoga doesn;t mean you become yogi. There is a difference between an university professor and a teacher in kindergarden. YOu may call kindergarden teacher to be professor, but this doesn;t make him/her professor

      • David Freiman

        You don’t become a yogi. Anyone can be a yogi. It means someone who does yoga. I think you are confusing yogi with swami or guru which refer to teachers. Most yoga teachers in the U.S. today are certified yoga teachers who studied in programs voluntarily in accordance with guidelines established by the Yoga Alliance. Other teachers are trained by fitness trainer programs, but these certifications generally place less emphasis on yoga principles and philosophy and more on teaching poses and sequences in a safe manner.

      • hatePolitician

        Hi, FYI Yoga and Yog are two different words. They have some relations but not same. Also, for us (who are native to Sanskrit or Hindi). Yogi is the one who has controlled your body mind by practice of yog. Yoga is just K.G., while Yogi is like a Ph.D. I don’t like when some one take some definition by the people who is not expert. Anyway, I will stick to my comment. Also, I agree anyone can become yogi, even if he don’t do yoga. The only condition is that he has known the real truth behind the world and knows that this world is fake and illusion.

        P.S. : Also, sorry for some wrong english. I can be expert of Hindi/Sanskrit but for English I will take your words :)

      • INDIAN

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      • Doesn’t give a fuck about yoga

        No one here likes yoga, this is an article for people who hate yoga. The only people who are pissed off are the people trying to defend it. Why judge based on the color of the skin? We are all humans, not all white people are evil.. I help people with cancer with alternative medicine. I will hold no discretion to who I give treatment to for free. Most Americans are slaves any how so I would not be worried about whites. By the way I have paleo Indian artifact that are 10,000 -13,000 years old. There is proof that people were here before Indians. It’s not your land because it belongs to no one and when you die you will not be taking it with you.

      • INDIAN

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    • Pippoland

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      • IndiaN

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      • Doesn’t give a fuck about yoga

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    • David

      Either I must have needed it really badly, or this is really truly hot-in-my-face-til-tears-come-out funny.

      Thanks, you hit it spot on. Now I probably can’t go to a yoga class without randomly bursting out laughing… I actually knew someone like that once… they kicked her out because she couldn’t stop giggling in yoga.

      Um, but back on topic, that was hilarious. Kudos.

    • kiran vijay kumar

      yoga is boring & have no use it is totally worthless

      • hatePolitician

        No, you are wrong.. You even don’t know what is yoga..

    • Susan Elizabeth

      Great article, really, um, makes me feel less of an angry freak for just not getting it. But i would probably love to take a yoga class if it was filled with all you pragmatic smart-asses..

      • INDIAN

        being a smart ass is by far better than being a dumbass now why don’t you white turds quit making a fool of yourselves and get out of all non white lands as we don’t want you here pretty soon you will get massacred any fucken ways your end is near! white ugly pigglet!

      • Doesn’t give a fuck about yoga

        Dude look around it is too late. I understand your frustration, most whites are idiots. So are most people of all races in general though… “I was born into this world I didn’t make it” Tupac

    • hatePolitician

      The reason why people hate yoga is because : it doesn’t give you fighter body but a body which will survive all the diseases and is free from any tension. Also, due to their experience. Mostly yoga center in U.S.A. are stupid and they even don’t know what is yoga. You people have ruined it, by bringing power yoga and some stupid yoga, even without knowing what is yoga. To Mae, yoga seems easy but it hurts and that is the reason, it works for your body. You may look weak or thin or not much muscles after doing yoga for long time. But you are much better than artificial pumped muscles (which is not good for body).. Anyway I don’t know why I end up in wierd places.. Anyway. Some may enjoy yoga, just like some enjoy healthyfood and some hate it….

      • TRUTH

        because whites are told off that’s why and they don’t belong to hindu culture that’s why when you have a source of self rejection then of course the tendency’s wlll leave you to hate what you cant have as there is no relation between the knowledged hindus to the whites who lack empathy and have no knowledge and only has a false sense of pride just like a false sense of patriotism to the countries and lands they don’t belong to.

    • Anon

      Thought you might like this article; its about a yoga teacher with a popular web series that only focuses on the physical and health aspects of yoga.


      Heres a link to her “studio” website:


    • INDIAN

      I hate white illegal crackers they should quit exploiting us and get ready for their extinction because it is coming and hopefully their genocide comes before their extinction I am happy knowing at the end of the day whites are dying race and every race has finally realized to not put up with white lies and bullshit.whites are nothing but scourge and gutter rats on non whites planet.not 1 invention whites can honestly say they create without the theft from non whites resources and raw materials which holds no merritt to white cancerous hereditary leeches race

    • Doesn’t give a fuck about yoga

      Fuck you self righteous pretentious yoga pricks. Go eat vegan dick!

    • John

      LOL Someone is posting comments as INDIAN . I am sure he is PAKI. A PAKI was my friend so I knew it. Is it you Misabh ?

    • rejtpj

      This commentary from a play, O Guru Guru Guru, or Why I Don’t Want to Go to Yoga Class with You!