Bullish Life: Get Bullish By Sending In Your Questions

Jennifer Dziura writes life coaching advice every Tuesday here on TheGloss, and career coaching advice Fridays on TheGrindstone.

Last week, Bullish (see Bullish Life: 3 Romantic Mistakes That Young Women Make That Cause Weeping Among The Angels And Kittens) addressed the romantic plight of reader “Betsy Ross” — a plight so sad that lady-kittens wept tragic rainbow tears that themselves contained tiny kittens, also weeping.

Also recently, Jen addressed a quick reader question in Bullish Life: Get Your Back-to-School Game On (Even If You’re Not in School) about maintaining high energy.

A few weeks before, reader “Daria” (Bullish Life: Getting Bullish in Practice as Well as in Theory) wrote in to say that she had “defined her values” (as recommended in Bullish Life: Making Better Decisions) but still felt that she was failing at being, well … bullish. “I have played it safe my whole life, I am a virgin, I don’t drive, I can’t even ride a bike,” she wrote. (Check out Jen’s advice here).

On The Grindstone, where Jennifer writes career advice on Fridays, Bullish has addressed questions about: making money as a circus photographer (see Madeleine Albright), being sexually harassed on the job (see Lucretia Mott), doing business with friends (see Lisa Simpson), when to quit your job to launch a company (see Christine de Pizan), and advice for those still in college (see Holy Roman Empress Maria Theresa of Austria).

Would you like to join the pantheon of historically- and pop-culturally-renamed ladies with burning questions?

Send us your life, academic, man, and money problems, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free!

The address: bullish@thegloss.com

You can also check out an archive of Bullish and Bullish Life columns right here.

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    • Jinx

      The only question I have is this: what does “bullish” mean?

    • Lynn

      Can I get more information on that painting? Title/Artist?

      • Eaglet

        The title is the Rape of Europa (Rape used in the original definition of “to take away”) and the Artist is Noel-Nicolas Coypel (Thank you art history degree…)

    • Jennifer Dziura

      Hi Jinx,

      In finance, a “bullish” or “bull” market is upward-trending (a “bear” market is the opposite):

      Also, I live on Wall Street, near the famous bull:

      …and in an early column I wrote about how tourists often take pictures near the bull’s balls. (I regularly use the word “ballsy,” with the note that I think it’s hilarious that men have ascribed their power to such a delicate and idiosyncratic body part.)

      So, “bullish” can mean aggressive or upward-moving, but is also meant a bit cheekily.


    • Ash

      Zeus was such a rapist! Seriously, wtf Greek mythology?
      *this comment has nothing to do with the post