Julia Roberts Looks Confused As The Evil Queen In ‘Snow White’

Apparently Julia Roberts will be portraying the evil queen in an upcoming remake of “Snow White.” In the above photo, we see just how confusing that is for the actress.

This picture is one of the promotional stills released from the movie, and Roberts appears to be querying her very existence. What the hell am I doing here? her face says. Why am I dressed like this? Wait, what happened?

Perhaps what’s happening is she’s just found out that the queen never smiles throughout the entire movie. But smiling is what I DO! She’s thinking. Something has gone horribly awry…

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    • crackerjackie

      What a bizarre casting choice! I love Julia though and hope she pulls it off. This picture is so awkward… Tyra’s gotta teach her how to smize.

      • Kate

        I think she is trying to smize, and that’s the problem.

    • Sally

      So terrible. She looks like the queen of hearts mixed with a peacock. It’s a real shame because the evil queen in snow white is fabulous! So much wasted potential

    • Fatima