Friday Style Icon: The Great Jane Goodall

If there is such a thing as Heaven, Jane Goodall is probably from there. The British primatologist is one of the world’s leading experts on chimpanzes, has devoted her life to wildlife conservation and is personal hero to compassionate bookish girls the world over. She was also extremely beautiful and could really wear a pair of khaki shorts. Dr. Goodall is today’s inspiration.

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    • Love

      Love Jane Goodall. Much better than that crazy bitch Ingrid Newkirk!

    • Laura

      I’ve always tried to match her style, and not just because I’m a primatologist. She’s so classy, down to earth and beautiful. Don’t forget the converse sneakers and a low slung pony tail.

    • Jordan

      Love these quotes, where are they from?

    • MR

      They’re her quotes right? A Trailblazer like so many feminist woman before her.