How To Wear Animal Prints

Want to look like Edie Sedgwick in  leopard print coat? Sure you do. Andy Warhol will take all kinds of movies of you, and you’ll live in the Chelsea Hotel, and you’ll get addicted to heroin and… alright, well, you know, she still looked great in an animal print.

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    • Beth

      If animal prints in colors will make me look like a Gay Pride Zebra, I think I’d be down with that.

    • Rachel

      I got a great black-on-grey leopard print cardigan at the beginning of Fall and I love it! Because it is in the neutral tones it goes with everything, but it’s still fun and pops because of the print. The grey/black is also great because it’s good for work no matter the setting (it’s animal print, but not at all “loud”).

    • Christina
    • creativefashionglee

      My mantra in wearing animal print is to always tone it down. But if you´re brave in spirit and would like to pull off a leopard print coat, then by all means, wear your coat only with muted colors.