The Summer of Small Accidents, Chapter 1

Hello Gloss readers! It’s so nice to see you here on a Friday. Long week? Me too. But you look fresh as a daisy. No, you do.

As those of you who follow my column know, becoming a published novelist has been my lifelong dream and was an item on my bucket list of things to do before I turn thirty next spring, which I write about every Wednesday here in my Chasing Thirty column.

So how’s that lifelong dream coming? Not so hot. I’ve written two novels but not made much headway actually getting published since a close call several years ago when my agent and I were shopping the first one. I’d be lying if I told you I hadn’t spent long periods of the last few years OD’ing on some seriously writerly angst about it.

My day job (the one that pays the rent etc.) is as a book publicist  (now freelance, formerly with Random House) so I’ve had a front row seat to the massive changes that the publishing industry has undergone over the past few years. First the talk of ebooks was a murmur, then a roar as the devices got sleeker and their sales eclipsed those of traditional books. Along with that, self-publishing suddenly became a legitimate, if long shot, option. No longer was it the domain of desperate writers peddling books out of the trunk of their car.

I’ve begun working with more and more self-published authors and I started to feel like I was missing out by not throwing my hat in the ring. So I resurrected my first novel, polished it up and turned it into an ebook which I’m now going to share a small slice of each Friday here on the Gloss; because if Fridays aren’t about long bouts of internet reading on the company dime than I don’t know what.  Besides, it’s literature, not like funny videos of animals or whatever. Shit, did I lose you?

I’ve included a brief description of the book below and if you decide you simply can’t wait for next week’s installment, you can buy the ebook here.

Happy reading!

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    • mmmaria

      i like it! can’t wait to read more next week.

    • Lucy

      You go, girl! LOVING THIS!!!

    • Jackie

      Love the first chapter, and can’t wait to read more!

    • Margaret

      Love it so far…can’t wait to read more

    • Will

      I like the existential angst Leigh seems to be experiencing. She is verbose without being pompous. Nice start, look forward to further chapters with Leigh;-)