Gallery: Celebrities Who Have Dressed Up As Marilyn Monroe

Between the Marilyn Monroe movie starring Michelle Williams and Courtney Stodden putting her sensuously seductive mitts all over Marilyn’s Hollywood Walk of Fame hand prints, it seems like that timeless icon of tragic beauty is once again making a cultural resurgence. But can anyone ever really capture whatever it was that she had? Here are a bunch of celebrities trying.

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    • Pix

      Amusing. In some cases kinda sad. I hope those women were really just out to have some fun, because if any of them actually think they compare…

      Just. No.

    • Ninargh

      That Paris Hilton one is frightening. Or possibly made of wax.

      • Ninargh

        And Stodden looks like a pornstar.

      • superjack

        the paris one is TERRIFYING.

        the only one that doesn’t stress me out is michael musto.

    • Rachel

      Lindsay looks more like michael musto than marilyn, she looks so filthy in these pics

    • Eileen

      Hear you on Michelle Williams. Apparently all that one needs to look like Marilyn Monroe is blonde hair?

      I don’t get the obsession with MM, either, though. Sure, she was beautiful, but so are a lot of women. And she’s hardly the first or only movie star to be troubled. Maybe we just feel for any woman who married Arthur Miller, died, and then got to have a play written about how awful she was?

    • Goldie

      Paris. boobs. how?

      Am I mistakenly under the impression that she opted out of that surgery a long time ago?