OMG: The Cast Of The Princess Bride Reunited

Entertainment Weekly has finally done something to (arguably) justify its existence: they’ve reunited the cast of The Princess Bride to the delight of internet people everywhere. The last time we saw Cary Elwes, Robin Wright, and Mandy Patinkin together it was 1987 and the world was fucking beautiful and perfect and innocent. Now, I guess, it’s not that way anymore but at least we have this Annie Leibovitz-looking photo. Also, Fred Savage thinks we believe he had something better to do? Shaw right.

That would be Wallace Shawn, Billy Crystal, Carol Kane, Chris Sarandon, Elwes, Wright, Patinkin, and Christopher Guest.

(via Videogum)

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    • Jen

      I love that they included a picture of Andre the Giant. He was so great in that movie.

    • Amy

      One of my favorite movies of all time!!! This is so lovely :-) Made my day.

      But where is the Sicilian? Must be filming gossip girl! And shame on you Fred Savage.

      • Prof. Andmaryann

        The Sicilian is all the way to the left in the photo. He’s on the phone behind the craft services table.

      • Helen

        He’s beside the ROUS.

        Rodent’s of unusual size? I don’t believe they exist.

        Well I had to get a quote in there somewhere!

    • Sophie

      If ever there was a perfect film, this was it. And possibly Ghostbusters… but I digress. All the actors in this were absolutely brilliant. Love them all to this day.