Real Talk: The Worst Reasons To Get Married

You may be approaching the age when everyone around you starts getting married. It’s a little weird. It’s also really, really expensive? Anyway, as an outlet for those of you a little weirded out by all these weddings (or exhausted and wrecked by having to plan your own), we’ve asked some ladies what they think is the worst reason to tie the knot.

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    • Lauren

      Getting married because you have your whole life planned out so whoever you are with when you turn 25, is your mate for life!

      I’m the only single girl out of my group of close girl friends. I’m 26. And by single girl I mean not married/engaged. Does anyone else see this as crazy? I’ve been in all of their weddings, have bought 6 $200+ dresses (about to buy my 7th, and there were a few where I wasn’t a bridesmaid) for them, and all I get in return are sad faces over the fact that I’m single. I think one of them got married for the right reason, the rest of them just planned out their life so precisely that they felt like they had to (in my opinion).

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Those dresses really add up. It’s a little crazy.

    • porkchop

      I’m confused by the camo cake with deer on top–is the happy couple an old man and an adolescent boy? What do these deer symbolize? And why is neither wearing a bow tie?

      • Ninargh

        It’s possible that’s supposed to be a stag and a doe. But really, they should be appropriately attired.

    • Ninargh

      There was a great article on Cracked a while back titled ’5 Ways You Know It’s Time To Get Married’ ( Definitely worth reading to the end!

      I have a friend who desperately wants to be married before she’s 25. And is auditioning potential husbands with every guy she meets. And talks often about how big the engagement ring has to be. It’s really unsettling to talk to her whenever it comes up, because it feels like she’s missed the point entirely.

    • superjack

      any reason is a bad reason to get married, maybe? why enter into something that makes breaking up so fucking difficult?

      california excluded, obviously.

    • Stef

      the blue cake looks like a penis covered in vaginas.