Here’s What Your Foot Would Look Like If You Were A Model

So. You think you want to look like a model, do you? What with the willowy body, the scientifically perfect face, and the potential to become a billionaire?

Well, sure. All those things are awesome. But you know what’s not awesome? Having your foot look like this, after weeks of appearing in fashion shows where nobody gives a shit what size shoe you wear:

Not so glamorous now, IS IT?!

[via Styleite]

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    • Christa

      Yeeowch! And I can’t handle an hour in new shoes!

    • Debbie

      Why is she dangling out the back so much?

      • Abigail

        Because they aren’t sized for their shoe size. They’re just given shoes, and they have to make it work. Tyra Banks talks all the time about being a size 10, but having to fit into 6s and 7s and walk down the runway.

      • MM

        Size 6 or 7 shoes? If they’re all going to be in the same size they should be a bigger one at least, how many 5’11 women wear a fucking size 6?