Top Ten Sexy Halloween Costumes Of 2011

Trick or treat!

There are only two weeks left to nail down your perfect Halloween costume. Sure, you can take the easy way out and hit the party store for the usual stand-bys. The ubiquitous sexy bumblebee, sexy vampire, sexy ladybug, sexy cave woman, or sexy fire fighter offer a veritable feast of cleavage-baring opportunities.

But for those of us who are feeling a little, say, topical, there are even more choices. These costumes will be a hit at this year’s party.

This is the definitive list of 2011′s sexiest Halloween costumes.

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    • Goldie

      Is there any way I can go as Beyonce’s BABY and not offend/gross out everyone on the planet? I have the worst Halloween costume ideas…

    • me

      That quip about Pippa’s older sister having an eating disorder isn’t really funny.
      True or not true. Come on guys.

    • crystal abate

      i think these costumes are very cute and sexy but i think they should only be worn in the bedroom with their husband or boyfriends other than that the message they are sending out to guys is im drunk and i want to have sex unless thats what their going for they shouldnt where these outfits in public

      • crystal abate

        all though the ladybug one is just fine i think thats a good one for any occasion and i think i put this comment in the wrong spot not sure lol