Kanye West Wears Givenchy, Balmain To Protest Corporate Greed

Russel Simmons, Kanye West. "Psst. I think we're at the wrong protest."

When we think of Kanye West, we mostly think smart, funny and talented. We also think he’s a shrewd businessman. …And a complete and total hack as a fashion designer, but they can’t all be winners/Late Registration. Still… for someone so smart and funny, his brain seems to lack a little checkbox for irony.

Yesterday, Kanye took some time off to visit Occupy Wall Street protestors camping out in the Financial Distract. Brace yourself: the rapper/fur backpack conceiver visited the ”99%” dressed, unsurprisingly, in the costume of the 1%. Kanye West wore a Givenchy plaid to protest corporate greed. He was accompanied by fellow 1%er Russel Simmons, who has an entire show on Oxygen about how many personal assistants he has.

Back to Kanye. The eagle-eyed smartypantses at Styleite ID’ed his $355 Givenchy plaid and hypothesize that those jeans are Balmain (thus costing approximately $1 billion). He’s also donning the gold ‘Yeezy’ name plates from his fashion show. At least someone might see this as a step in the right direction for the media-challenged movement.

Well, that’s all there is to it. But thanks for the laughs, Ye.

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    • Eileen

      Isn’t this kind of the joke about a lot of people bandwagonning on the Occupy thing? Sort of like Tea Partiers who protest government-owned health care and then insist that the government not “touch” Medicare?

    • superjack

      this is almost a bigger fail than his womenswear collection.

    • Kip Noxzema

      I hope he enjoys paying the higher taxes as a millionaire and I’m sure his bank loves earning the interest off all his money in there. I guess he went there to see the Parasites on Parade and score some cheap drugs. He probably heard about the public sex and wanted some of that action, too. So where’s your Class Warfare now, Libtards? Put that in your gov’t-paid coffee and stir it.

    • Chris Milne

      You’d all be singing a different tune if it was George Clooney that showed up instead of an African-American rapper.