Barbie’s A Hippie Now, Designers Create Eco-House For Her

Is nothing sacred? Barbie, that notorious flouter of progress and change, who once insisted “math class is tough!” and has defiantly driven a pink, gas-guzzling convertible for years now, appears to be succumbing to pressure to be politically correct: designers have build the impossibly proportioned doll an eco-friendly house.

The house is inspired by IKEA, which is frankly another slap in the face (Barbie would never have such cheap furniture), and features locally and sustainably sourced wood from solid oak and birch plywood. Boo-ring!

Representatives from Polish design firm Miniio, which created the house, recently elaborated on the concept. “We make every single piece by hand, paying attention to details, highest quality and safety,” a spokesperson told The Huffington Post in an email. “We use wood, stone, metal and some ultra modern non-toxic, food safe, great looking safe materials.”

The house shown above goes for $220, but if you really want to get into the spirit of things, you can have a smaller, less fabulous Barbie eco-house for just $120.

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    • MR

      This is laughable. Yeah I’ve dated a lot of bohemian women, and their homes were and are all warm and cozy, as is their passion. These photos remind me of the inside of a refrigerator – aka I know bohemian women; bohemian women are friends of mine. Barbie is no bohemian woman. :)