Dutch Artist Makes Sculpture Out Of 10,000 Pairs Of Flip-Flops

Here’s an interesting use for your summertime wardrobe: rather than let it waste away in your closet all year, why not turn it into sculpture?

This one was made by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofma, and it lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Hofma enlisted the help of students, and together they covered his inflatable base with 10,000 pairs of flops. The end result, called Macaco Gordo, or The Fat Monkey, is over 45 feet long.

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    • Andrea

      That is cool! My grand kids would want to play with that so bad. How much does that many flip flops cost lol. I am a new blogger hoping to build an audience through commenting please give me a visit at Mosaic Ideas

    • kw & lk phorography

      this is amazing like seriously blew me away so artistic,bet it took forever to designa nd put together.
      really good work!