Kate Middleton Inspires Modern Collection Of Sheer Hosiery

Photo via People.com

One time, I was in a meeting with editor-in-chief Jennifer Wright and I noticed that her legs were looking a little tan, but in a barely perceptible way, like she’d spent a day outside and gotten a bit more sun than usual. Because we are both pale girls (and thus a little neurotic about staying out of the sun), I asked her what she’d done. She just shrugged like it was the most obvious thing in the world and said, “Sheer tights.” It kind of blew my mind at the time because I thought sheer tights were the dominion of professional woman in the 80s? The ones in power suits?

Turns out that’s not the case in anymore. We (along with many other outlets) have noticed for a while that Kate Middleton has a striking predilection for sheer tights and we should have known that what the Duchess does, so does everyone:

Debenhams' 'invisible' hosiery

Hence: UK department store Debenhams is launching a line of sheer hosiery in the style of Middleton: subtle and not too shiny. They promise to offer the warmth of tights and the skin tone correcting evenness, without that dated-looking sheen. Is this something you’d try? Or is it already a part of your wardrobe rotation?

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    • Megan

      Can’t lie–pretty excited.

      Fellow pale girl–I cover up so people won’t get blinded by my snowlike whiteness. But sheer tights usually look sheeny and obvious on me. I’d lay down cash for a few pair that would just make me look like I have a little melanin.

    • A

      But the problem with Kate’s is that there IS a sheen. A sheeny sheen. Verging on Emilio Estevez.

      • Ashley Cardiff


        seriously, i am an idiot and used a photo of the shiniest sheer tights she’s ever worn. here’s a different outfit:


        sorry i am dumb.

      • MR

        I liked your Estevez reference too – yeah Martin’s real last name. I don’t like pantyhose. Bare legs is my up of tea – no British pun intended.

    • Eileen

      I’ve always worn stockings – black and nude, depending. In fact, I judge women who don’t. In a situation where men don’t have bare legs, neither should women.

    • Meghan

      Having worked in super professional offices my entire (short) career, I totally judge women who wear suits and heels without nylons. It just seems incredibly casual and almost risque in a formal setting. Although I have no problem throwing on a short dress and a pair of strappy sandals with bare legs for an evening out. I like Eileen’s comment about how if it is not appropriate setting for a man to show his legs neither should a woman. And I imagine Prince William isn’t strolling beside her in shorts.

    • Amanda

      Being in the military….yeah. No professional should go with bare legs. But everyday….? I could get on the pantyhose bandwagon, if they’re not too old-ladyish

    • Rachel

      Like other have commented, they are kind of a must in very professional work settings. I wear black nylons or dark coloured tights in the fall/winter, but during the spring and summer I have always donned sheer nylons (unless it’s a super casual work-day). Kate Middleton is just doing what working women have done for years.

    • Jessica

      I moved to Europe a couple years ago and quickly realized that it’s totally normal to wear pantyhose here. And not just by women working in an office or professional environment. It’s just standard for women of all ages to wear, at the very least, sheer panty hose. And it’s certainly not something you need to launch a line for – you can buy awesome pantyhose in the grocery store for 55¢!

    • John

      I wish American women would learn from European women that pantyhose (tights over there) are excellent looking and make them more dressed up. There are a few more women here that are wearing for jobs or interviews, but when it comes out for a night on the town? Bare leg city. :-( Guys are attracted to women in hosiery. It is most definately a ‘secret weapon’. My wife knows that. But then she is from Europe.

    • Tommy

      It’s amazing how much better a pair of legs look in nylons. Bare feet in flip-flops is totally old hippie.

    • johnny

      I’m not objective, becourse i’m male, but i can’t deny that a womans leg looks better in some form of legwear ( tight, hose, … )… and so do most of my fellow-gendermembers.
      Now i’m lucky since my wife wears them very often. young in the eighties, she wore the black sheer ones like most of the girls of the generation, though often complaining about the uncomfortable aspect.
      Then, in the nineties, the were out of fashion, whitch i found a pitty.
      But about the millenium turn, the fashion of thick or opaque tights was rising, so my wife jumped on that cart.
      Recently, she rediscovered the sheer pantyhose and discovered how much they have evolved: wearing comfort, looks, durability etc… only the very sheer still run to easily, she sais… And we men find them soooooo sexy.
      So ladies, little reason not to wear them. ;-)