Real Talk: Men And Women Tell Us If They Regret Getting Married.

We ask the questions fairy tales are afraid to. Namely, “that whole ‘getting married thing, how’d that work out for you?”

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    • Rachel

      I definitely don’t regret getting married, but I do regret our wedding. I wanted to be the opposite of a bridzilla when planning my wedding, so we did everything to please everyone else. Our families had a great time at our wedding, and overall so did we, but I regret almost every decision regarding our wedding.

      I look at pictures of our wedding day and I hate my dress (but my mom loved it) and I wish we would have scaled back a bit on the party and things for our guests and spent more money on a better photographer. I also had basically no floral decor because I wanted to spend more on favours and gifts and it just looked so plain.

      My only goals for my wedding day were to end up married and NOT go over budget. We accomplished both goals, but if we had been more selfish like typical couples I think we could have spent the same amount of money but enjoyed the day/memoires more ourselves.

      I guess it was just one day, and our marriage is great. But I feel like our wedding didn’t reflect our awesome marriage.

    • Karin

      Not at all! 4 years down and so far so good. I’m definitely a better person because of it.

      Though I will say being married even just this amount of time has definitely showed me that before being married I thought it was the ONLY way, the thing to do, a rite of passage, or something.

      But now I’m realizing that marriage is just one of many paths on the road to a happy life. It’s a good one and one I’ve enjoyed, but it’s def not for everybody, and even I probably couldv’e been just as happy with another one.

    • Lindsay Cross

      I have a sneaking suspicion that Jen just wanted to look at adorable Disney pictures…