• Thu, Oct 13 2011

Stiletto Implants For Women: Welcome To Your New Nightmare

Cheeky satirists (who may or may not hate your eyeballs) over at Bitrebels filed a recent post about us humans and our preoccupation with “fixing” our figures: “When it comes to the human body, we seem to keep working it over as if it was full of mistakes and errors.” So, they wonder… are stiletto implants not far off?

It’s an interesting (and not altogether crazy) idea. They’ve accompanied the post with some images because they never want you to sleep again. Ever. And yes, there’s another one. Of kitten heels.

Or see what heel-on-foot carnage looks like in real life.

(Bitrebels via Styleite)

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  • Fabel

    Ohhgod, it has veins

  • Amber

    There was an F-Minus comic that addressed this a while ago. A woman is in a doctor’s office showing the elongated heel growing off her foot. The doctor responds, “I suppose there might be an evolutionary advantage.” This link may work: http://thecomicssection.blogspot.com/2010/03/f-minus-i-suppose-there-might-be.html

  • Javon

    That looks so NASTY!!

  • Lloyd

    Foot-Binding …

  • Alima

    That’s just not good!! now every time she wears a Stilleto’s she will have to have a hole in the heel!! ew!

  • Laura

    Honestly this pic is photoshopped….sooo obvious…any woman who would actually do this to her feet is in a word INSANE….why would you wanna do this?

  • Madsam

    Hahahaha! Show this to Cindy Jackson. She might want it! Hahahaha lol much!

  • Dakota

    It looks like it’s from Bioshock O.o

  • rachelle

    ewwww, who ever would do this is seriously messed in the head! like is this even real?? :S

  • dlc

    naaaaah, only for the insane and they aren’t suppose to get plastic surgery in Civilized Societies!