Italian Vogue‘s Mechanical Dolls Is The Creepiest Fashion Spread We’ve Seen In A While

Here at TheGloss, we firmly believe that Italian Vogue is the best Vogue. That’s do in larger part to the joint vision of EIC Franca Sozzani and fashion’s great lensman Steven Meisel. However, every now and again, Italian Vogue is especially awesome by virtue of publishing editorials that would be completely unfathomable in American Vogue (for what it’s worth, French Vogue might do something similar, but there’d be way more exposed breasts and cigarettes). Anyway, this month Tim Walker turns in Mechnical Dolls, starring Kirsi Pyrhonen & Audrey Marnay as wind-up dolls with superfluous limbs and lots of other off-putting features! It’s eerie and unsettling and oddly pretty.

(via Fashion Copious)

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    • Chickalupe

      I love this, actually! It’s one of the sexiest and most intriguing photo spreads I’ve seen in months. Makes me want to check out more of Tim Walker’s stuff. It’s actually really difficult for me to choose my favorite look. The only ones I’m not 100% in love with are #3 and #11, but the rest kinda make me covet. Also, more photo shoots with masks, plzthx.