The Editors Discuss: “The Freshmen” By The Verve Pipe

Look, TheGloss isn’t a nostalgia blog, but we don’t always keep it topical. Sometimes editors Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff need to excise some Lion King-related demons. Today, the subject of their discussion is “The Freshmen,” the massive, pop culture-consuming 1997 power ballad by The Verve Pipe. The lyrical content has been a long running debate between Jennifer and Ashley and today they’re parsing it out. Sure, they haven’t listened to the song in a decade, but they figure their insight is worth more than Right? Guys?

Also, for readers at home following along, we highly suggest you take a few minutes to review the lugubrious late-90s masterpiece. Be warned, there is a lot of emotion (and soul patch!) in the video.

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    • Eileen

      I thought it was about an abortion. “Baby’s breath” and all.

      • Eileen

        And they feel guilty and sad – yet convinced that it’s not a sin they’ll die for; just something sad that happened when they were young. Sounds like an abortion.

    • superjack


    • EE

      Wikipedia never lies:


      Apparently, its about a girl who has an abortion and then kills herself (although in reality she never actually killed herself…)

      hmm, uplifting?

    • Christa

      I always thought the baby’s breath related to those flowers that were often in traditional wedding bouquets, and the shoe full of rice related to the idea that people throw rice at a wedding….so I guess I thought it meant they didn’t want to get married, so they had an abortion?

    • rita

      havent read this yet, but i think its weird. came on my pandora yesterday and i spent a good few minutes trying to figure the song out. thanks for reading my mind :)