Friday Style Icon: Safe Sex Advocate Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes

TLC demonstrates the unreliable "Cat Marnell method" of birth control

By now you guys probably know that slow motion fail XOJane published a completely objectionable article by a supposed “health editor” in which she talks about how Plan B is her preferred method of birth control because she hates condoms and the pill makes you fat and you can only have so many abortions. LOL!! ;) right? No. Everyone at TheGloss (and editors at Mommyish and The Grindstone) want the article’s author Cat Marnell to crawl into a dark place and stay there. Or at least promise never to breed.

However, before XOJane editors start whining on Twitter about how we’re being “hateful” without once acknowledging the author’s reprehensibly flippant attitude towards women’s reproductive health and their own astonishing irresponsibility, we want to do something not mean! We’re going to be positive!

So, for today’s Friday Style Icon, we’re taking a trip back to the ’90s to one of the most awesome girl groups of all time and celebrating the dearly departed Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, our favorite member of TLC, a legendary group comprising three women who were all outspoken advocates of safe sex.

Or, you know what? Skip the gallery and just listen to awesome TLC songs:

“What About Your Friends”

“Case of the Fake People”

“Baby Baby Baby”


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    • BrendaKilgour

      Oh, the sad and frantic ladies of xojane. So determined to pretend they are still those disaffected girls from high school who were so much smarter and cooler than you, yet equally determined to put their bosoms on display.

      The past is prologue:

    • sara

      This is probably a petty note–but in reference to one of the editor’s tweets—I know she was TRYING to dissyou by saying she doesn’t read your site, but it looks SUPER bad professionally for her. Shouldn’t you be aware of what your competition is writing? Even if you guys don’t consider eachother to be direct competition, I’m assuming your reader base has quite the overlap. Probably good to keep your ear to the ground on what your target market is interested in.

    • A

      p’shaw. The only music that mattered in the ’90s was made by Michael Stipe.

    • Kelly(staying healthy and std free)

      Stay safe and have safe sex. and offer great resources