Gallery: Nicki Minaj Takes The Term ‘Renaissance Woman’ Literally In W‘s Art And Fashion Issue

Anna Wintour’s new favorite partner in blunt-smoking Nicki Minaj is the cover girl of W‘s November “art and fashion” issue, and for the accompanying editorial, the magazine decided to do something unexpected and wonderful with her. With the help of artist Francesco Vezzoli, they styled her to look like several different Renaissance portraits, if Nicki Minaj had been alive back then. (And if black women had been allowed to be noblewomen in 17th century Europe.) In addition to being cool and unique, I think the photos do a great job showcasing Nicki’s natural beauty, which often takes a backseat to her crazy ensembles.

(Via ONTD)

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    • Kylie

      Ah! I feel like the “tear pendant” looks strangely like a vulva. Anyone else see that?

      • Aj

        I was thinking that too.

    • eristotle

      None of these are renaissance portraits. Rococo is not renaissance, and it happened in the 18th cenutry.

    • Ellen W.

      These aren’t just any ladies, by the way, Madame Barbe was rumoured to be a mistress of Napoleon III, Pmpadour & Du Berry were mistresses of Louis XV and Montespan was a mistress of Louis XIV.

      Also I think the “tear pendent” is an eye portrait. They were popular in the late 1700′s if Stephanie Barron’s Jane Austin mysteries told me true. (They’re good! No really!)

      • Ellen W.

        I forgot to mention how great this is!They’re great without any context at all most importantly. But also- in all those “celebrity-as-other-celebrity” photo shoots it seems that a) it’s pretty much only white women and b) women-of-color only get made up as other women of color (not even always women of their own color!).