Is Anyone Else Going As A Slutty Unicorn For Halloween? Or Sexy Nemo?

Slutty Halloween costumes are becoming sentient. Formerly the territory of sexy police offices and sexy marines and sexy gun molls, the Halloween costume industry has become self-aware, sometimes with stupid results and other times… with unicorns that are maybe trying to hint at their sexual availability?

Around New York (a city that takes its Halloween very seriously) we’ve started seeing absurdist takes on the “sexy versions of regular things” costume movement, with insects in corsets and Einsteins in push-up bras and former presidents in tube dresses and even inanimate objects. We support this. Perhaps most amazing is Naughty Nemo, from Finding Nemo. Yes, a slutty clown fish.

Jezebel shares this one.

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    • Kelly

      Oh god, I desperately need a unicorn ears/horn headband. I really need it to be available separately.

    • porkchop

      Most of our popular presidents were already the slutty versions of themselves!

    • Lisa M

      I am going to make my Sexy Triceratops costume this weekend. I am super excited for this.

    • sooz

      i was going to be a slutty unicorn! but I am making my own costume! and it’s a lot more glittery haha

    • Julianne

      Did anybody else notice the HORRIBLE photoshop job done on her stomach?!? No?

      Being a graphic designer makes you notice things…