The 55-Size Individually Fit Condom Line Is Back!

With all the contraception discussions we’ve been having this week, I though it might be pertinent to mention that the popular 55-size line of individually fit condoms that bit the dust back in 2006 is now officially back. (It bit the dust because surprisingly enough, making 55 different sizes of condoms is a lot trickier than just making one or two.) Originally called “TheyFit”, the line has reincarnated itself with the somewhat less literal name Coripa, but it still has the same great fit that men all over came to know and love from 2004-2006. With sizes ranging in length from three inches to ten and a downloadable “fit kit” that explains how to measure your package, these condoms are pretty much guaranteed to fit better than anything any given dude has ever tried before. Or, as The Village Voice‘s Jen Doll put it, “This is, like, the BRA of condoms!”

A better-fitting condom means fewer chances for accidental insemination, which means all of you vagina-owning grown-ups out there (who get to eat ice cream for dinner as much as you want, hooray!) will have even less of a need for emergency contraception than you do currently. It will also presumably make men more comfortable wearing condoms, which means better sexual health all around. They are currently available in packs of six over at And in case you’d like to read a bunch more information on the importance of properly fitting condoms, it’s available here.

(Via Runnin’ Scared)

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    • Ernie Coyne

      The wide range of sizes now available for condoms is a very welcome arrival.
      Of course, guys with a large penis might have the regular size condom break during intercourse. But the real benefit of this 55 size line of condoms is for guys with a smaller penis. It means that the right size condom will likely not come off during intercourse. It’s very easy for a regular sized condom to do so. There won’t be the ridiculous huge roll at the base of the penis, which has the visual effect of shortening an already short penis. By fitting properly, a condom from 55 size line will look better, reduce fear of condom failure like coming off, and therefore increase the confidence of the wearer. Too often, guys with a smaller penis have issues with sexual confidence. This will help significantly. The article says that they sell tons of 3 inch condoms. A micropenis is defined as one which is less than 2.75 inches in length erect. Yet studies have shown that women married to men who have micropenises tend to be happy in very long term relationships. Presumably these guys try harder, and work to ensure that she is satisfied with lots of pleasure and orgasms using oral and manual stimulation. Nevertheless, porn and prevalent hype about big penises create an environment where big is assumed better. Guys with a small penis are intimidated, worried that they won’t be able to satisfy the woman, or worse: that they’ll be laughed at. Sometimes this concern crosses the line and becomes an obsession–small penis syndrome. Guys buy big cars, and engage in psychologically harmful ways in an effort to compensate. This 55 size line will be nothing short of a blessing (pun intended). My new ebook coming out on kindle soon, called “15 things you can do right now to make your penis look bigger” will make information about this new line of condoms available to readers.