Offensive Things: Kim Kardashian Tries On Burka In Dubai

Today, in things that are culturally offensive: Kim Kardashian, of the sex tape having Kardashians, tried on a full burka with niqab (that’s the face covering bit) on a recent trip to Dubai to make millons of dollars opening a Millions Of Milkshakes store at a supermall there. That’s her in the above picture. It’s a huge improvement over what she usually wears, but it still seems wrong for world’s least modest woman to play dress up in the traditional garb of devout Muslims, no?

She tried on several outfits at the modest Muslim clothing store before ultimately purchasing a hijab, a traditional headscarf, and hiljab, a loose-fitting outer garment:

However, her boobs quickly grew confused by the sudden darkness and her butt was saddened by the sudden lack of tight fabric, so she quickly changed into this outfit to molest some fish at a nearby casino’s aquarium:

Aah, that’s better. Those boxy Muslim clothes are only cute for a photo op or two, amirite LOL?

(Via Styleite)

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    • sheherbano

      why is this offensive? why are you offended by this? i mean, i dont like her, but..she’s allowed to try stuff on for fun, no? side note: there’s nothing about niqabs/hijabs/burqas being mandatory in the quran.

      but even if they’s just a piece of cloth. srsly. what.

      • Laura

        Came down to write pretty much the exact same comment. What is the big deal?

    • Tara

      I think Kim looks nice. And its not offensive. I’m a Muslim and its true there’s nothing against anyone wearing what she is. If its in respect of where she is or for fun either way she looks good. :)

      • Amber Dawn

        Yeah – I don’t care much for Kim Kardashian, but I don’t think she’s doing anything particularly offensive here. If she was an ordinary American and not famous I don’t think anyone would care. If she went parading around town in a burqa that was all half-closed rather than just trying it on that might be something different. But she didn’t – she wore something loose-fitting and tasteful through the city, and dressed trashy in a casino… which is how you’re supposed to dress in a casino as far as I understand.

    • Gary Rumain

      Cut the sharmuta some slack. Anyone wearing a freedom sack announces she is the sex slave and property of an arselifter. Which seems very appropriate for her, don’t you think?

      • chucksteaks

        good thing moss peoples do not know a-rab speek. kasumek!

    • Dawn

      Seriously, calm down. Trying on an abaya as a photo op is not a big deal – it’s actually the national dress for Emirati women, and many of them wear it over clothes just as tight and revealing as what KK wears. Also, depending on where she was in UAE, she may have bought one because it was required for some part of her visit (to a mosque, for example, or in Sharjah, where her street clothing wouldn’t have passed decency laws). But wearing it all the time isn’t required, and it isn’t offensive in any way.

    • superjack

      LOL at the commenters who don’t find this gross.

      don’t worry, jamie, they’ll get it next time, when she comes bouncing through the mall of america on a Midori-branded crucifix.

    • Nicole

      Honesty, how can anyone not find this offensive? Kim Kardashian has made a living off of blatantly exposing her body and herself for any form of attention and money. The fact that she goes to Dubai and tries on a burka only for a photo op (let’s be real here, I highly doubt that Kim wanted a burka because she thought “omg, those are so cute and would totally flatter my gigantic fake ass”) when there are women who choose to wear them as part of their culture or are forced to. Her trying on a burka is equivalent, imo, to kanye west and russell simmons going down to the Occupy Wall Street protests to see how the “other people” live, a nice big slap in the face.

      • Mae

        big WOOP, so WHAT?? she wants to try on a burka… big woop woop from a insecure grown ass girl, trying to sound like she is smart

    • soos

      Hey everyone,

      I live in Dubai, just wanted to let you know there are no casinos here ( or anywhere else in the U.A.E). She was in a mall, Dubai Mall, I believe.
      One last thing, Gary Rumain and chucksteaks comments are unbelievably offensive, honestly if you are going to swear in arabic, spell it right.

    • lolwhat

      I don’t see much wrong with her trying anything on if it’s from interest in the culture, so what I have to say really doesn’t really apply to the main point of this.

      Anyway, am I the only person that thinks her ass and legs look disgusting in the tight-clothed picture? I mean personally I don’t think she’s the hot shit the media and such has made her out to be any way, but I just think that pictures makes me think even less of her appearance. I’d just like to know I’m not the only one that doesn’t find her appealing in the slightest, since all I ever hear from people is garbage praising her and calling her a good, beautiful role model. Come on. She’s famous for a sex tape. :/

      • lolwhat

        scratch one of those really’s in the first sentence. I really should proofread.

    • Mehiella Satchi

      You guys always talk about how wrong slut shaming is and then you post this shit. As if it’s wrong for her to show her nice body and then decide to cover it up for a bit. It just looks like the author may be ok with ugly chicks showing their body but when Kim does it’s wrong and she can never cover it up again!! You guys are just green eyed extremists!