First Look: Rooney Mara On The Cover Of Vogue

(Update: here’s the full spread)

Rooney Mara, star of a movie I refuse to see because it looks kind of dumb (but maybe I’m wrong!), is on the cover of the November issue of Vogue. Unlike WVogue did not make the mistake of showing her all dressed up in her cyberpunk costume from the movie, because nobody who buys Vogue cares about that. Instead, they put her in a Ralph Lauren dress with a dragon embroidered on the back, in a subtler nod to the fact that, yes, there is a movie called The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and yes, she is in it. But she’s way too smart to let that define her image.

I mean, look at her. She l0oks like a goddamn model. As Styleite pointed out, it would be quite easy to mistake this skinny, delicate person for an up-and-coming model if you didn’t know she was an up-and-coming actress. It seems strange to me that a person whose job it is to emote and understand complex characters should be required to look just like someone whose job it is to look good wearing clothes in pictures, but what do I know about anything? Regardless: Rooney Mara looks model-y and great, and it seems like she’s already taking steps to outgrow the image of her that The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo has created. So basically, she has both beauty and brains.

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    • Douglas

      Just for the record, the books which comprise the Millenium series are nothing but well written and the novels are a tremendous success. And in fact the movie in which Rooney Mara took part in as the main character is a big hit and will surelly raise the bar for her career as an actress. A movie like that indeed defines an actress’s resume. It put her on the team A of great actor and actresses in Hollywood. The movie itself is neither dumb nor stupid! I guess in order to publish something worth reading on this site you should have at least read the books so you would be aware of all the reasons why she ended up on Vogue’s cover wearing the emboidered dress…

    • Kj

      #1. That dress is awesome.

      #2. The original Swedish movies were awesome. I am hoping that the American remake will be awesome. I definitely recommend that you see both versions!

    • Lara

      Jamie, do you have any idea what the movie The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is about? Lisbeth Salander kicks ass, but you seem just, well, ignorant.

      • Douglas

        She couldnt even understand that this cover was a themed-cover based on her character, in contrary she would have worn a wig or something else rather than a dress with a dragon on its back.
        Here’s the hint: we love fashion, but fashion itself is made of references out of songs, places, trips, people and (fancy this!) books! (surprised?)

      • Amber Dawn

        I read the book, and if the movie (which I admittedly have not seen) resembles the book, I agree with the “kind of dumb” assessment. I feel like Lisbeth Salander is a middle aged dude’s fantasy idea of a kick ass hot young hacker. I know other people will hate me for this, but I don’t care.

    • Goldie

      Basically the whole Millennium series is an unpacking of the psychology of rape. The original Swedish title of the first book is “Men Who Hate Women.” It’s a very smart thriller. I don’t know if the movies will be any good, but I think anyone at theGloss would enjoy the books.

    • Serge

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