What’s Your State Worst At?


Who wants to feel ashamed!?

Okay, wait – who wants to feel ashamed, out of our US readership!?

Everyone? Great. There’s something your state does absolutely terribly, and now you can know about it. Except for you people in Ohio. I guess you all are perfect, and we’re making plans to visit Cleveland in the near future. Otherwise, check out Pleated Jeans to know more specific data about the thing your state is worst at.


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    • Odbery

      How does one measure “nerdiness” and ugliness on a state-wide scale exactly?

    • Eve

      What’s the difference between “poorest health” and “most sickly”?

    • Morayah

      Yet more reasons for Canada to laugh at the US.
      This is amusing.

      • k

        Thank you for your contribution. *Thumbs up*

    • Magda

      Can I just say, Utah=Porn usage… Not at all surprising.

    • Kaylaandrena

      Oh damn! My state is worst at tornadoes!! That has got to be the worst news I have gotten all day.

    • Lisa

      Woo! I knew Ohio was good for something! Take that, everyone who’s ever said to me “You live in Ohio…but WHY?”

      On a more mature note, how on earth was this measured?

    • Ashley Cardiff

      I don’t know… I like the cut of Wisconsin’s jib.

    • k

      I’m surprised at mine (Colorado = cocaine use). I thought for sure it would be meth.

    • Eileen

      As both a Canadian citizen and a resident of the “taxes” state, no, Canada, you definitely don’t get to laugh at that one…

      Also, oldest state? What’s wrong with age?

    • Dooky

      Sorry, but MI would be up there w/ NY for worst drivers