Photoshop Of Excellence: Woman Replaces Boyfriend With Velociraptor

Have you ever encountered a situation where you look nice in a photo and it would be a perfect Facebook avatar, were it not for something else in it? Like an ex? Here’s a crafty workaround.

(Also, according to the thread, the blonde lady wanted to post the image to Facebook but the boyfriend in question has a strict no-photos-on-Facebook policy, so a nice friend swooped in to improve everything)

(via Buzzfeed)

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    • amber dawn

      When I was in high school I went to prom with a pity date because my best friend asked me to… (this was the date’s prom, not my prom, at least.) I realized that “three girls had already turned him down” because he had about as much personality as a topping-less baked potato. However, in our prom photos, I looked awesome. I pasted Elvis Costello (circa My Aim Is True) over the face of my prom date, and it was happily ever after.