Gallery: Steve Madden’s Most Blatant Knock-Offs

We recently learned that mall shoe juggernaut Steve Madden had unleashed a new style called the Hastt platform, which happened to be a pretty obvious ripoff of Miu Miu‘s wildly popular glitter booties. For what it’s worth, the Madden version removes most of the original style’s charm. This week, we’re all like, “Man. Steve Madden has kind of made a business out of this.” And now, a fond look back down the long and winding road of Designs Steve Madden Has Stolen.

Sidenote: we assembled these images ourselves, but we did cite sources in each slide because, uh, we’re writing about how shitty it is to knock off peoples’ work.

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    • Emily W.

      Is it strange that I like more of the Steve Madden versions better than the designer versions?

    • Jodi

      Sooo…in the back of my head I knew that Steve Madden had a lot of ripped-off styles from major designers, but I don’t think I realized just how bad it’s been. This is so blatant and terrible! It looks like I won’t be buying any Maddens any time soon.

    • EKS

      so…26 pairs of ugly and pointless shoes, instead of only 13.

      • Ashley Cardiff


    • Silke

      What’s a girl to do when she can’t afford the high and sometimes outrageous designer prices?

    • aya

      yeah, much as the knocking off is horrible: status shoes sure are ugly.

    • Megan

      If the Steven Madden shoes are the ones on the left I think I like them better than the originals.

    • stephanie

      HA! The McQueen and Madden shoe look NOTHING LIKE EACH OTHER!
      Everything else, yes, but maybe you should take the McQueen shoe photo out. . . .

      • Ashley Cardiff

        you’re right. that was the one we were like, “i don’t know… maybe it was released right after the mcqueen pair hit stores?”

        …which was dumb. i took out the slide.

        thank you for paying attention.

    • Vashti

      I think Steve madden only made the shoes look better…I would never wear any of the originals …the small changes on the knock offs made the shoes much more appealing….in my opinion

    • Lauren

      I knock offs can be bad, but all these knocks offs are of very sucssuful and well known designers that not everybody can afford.People who want to look stylish shouldnt have pay 900+ for a pair of most of these shoes are going out shoes, so it’s not like you would get a lot of everyday wear out of them so it would be worth the very expensive investment…
      I don’t think this is as bad as Urban Outfitters who is known for knocking of lesser known designer who are just starting out.

      • amber dawn

        I’m with you on that, Lauren.

    • MAS

      Not sure which McQueen shoe you had pictured, I didn’t see it before you took down the photos, but the one pair I know of that Madden knocked off was almost exact except for lacking the skull zipper pull (I was able to compare the two side by side, as I owned the McQueen boots). Of course, it was that extreme similarity that got Madden into legal trouble with the McQueen company, and the offending shoes disappeared from the Madden website pronto!

    • Nicole O.

      The Balenciaga knock-off is so ugly.

    • Winter

      Wow, you can really spot the difference in the leather textures on each slide. The Maddens looks plasticky even when they aren’t.

    • Nancy

      I can’t believe people are saying they like the Steve Madden shoes better! They look like a Walmart rip-off version compared to the originals! :P But they do look almost exactly the same and they’re cheaper, the originals look of a higher quality, though, for sure.