The Versace x H&M Men’s Collection Is Absurd

We’ve been paying close attention to the release of every detail from the hotly anticipated Versace x H&M collection, which lands in stores mid-November. Based on the images we’ve seen (like the supermodel-studded ad campaign shot by Mert & Marcus), the collection is pretty typical Versace: everything is tight, bright, studded, and ’80s. However, now we have the first shots of the men’s collection and apparently it’s fucking ridiculous. Proceed with caution.

(via Styleite)

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    • Ninargh

      I forced my boyfriend to look at this slideshow with me. It upset him deeply. He hid in his hoodie until I made it go away.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        what? he doesn’t like skintight palm frond print shirts??

      • Ninargh

        He thought those were a bit ridiculous, but apparently the matching black and white geometric pant/shirt combo was the step too far over the edge into the fashion abyss. And they hurt his eyes.

    • nayepa

      it reminds me to Zoolander hahahha it’a almost the same!!!

    • Supersasha

      Love it! Must get!!!