Would You Wear: Vera Wang’s Black Wedding Gowns

It’s Bridal time (FUCK YEAH MARRIAGE)! All the heavy hitters–Carolina Herrera, Monique Lhuillier, Oscar de la Renta–are showing wedding collections for Fall 2012. Interestingly, the heaviest hitter of them all, Vera Wang, was feeling pretty moody: black wedding gown levels of moody. For what it’s worth, Wang was wading into darker waters last season (she showed lots of dove gray) but still kept it pretty romantic and delicate. This collection, however, is downright goth. I don’t mean to be a completely ridiculous parody of my high school goth self but… I kind of like them?

Granted, I loved Katie Shillingford‘s “funeral shroud” wedding gown by Gareth Pugh, so that’s where I’m at it. Anyway, here’s some of Wang’s black gowns. Let us know what you think!

Photos via WWD

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    • Eileen

      They are all gorgeous, varying only in gorgeousness. I probably wouldn’t wear one to my wedding, but I would wear them all.

    • Abigail

      I would like to point out that wearing white at weddings is actually a relatively new thing. It was traditional to wear BLACK at weddings. White was the color of mourning, and black was the color worn at celebrations and happy events.

      That having been said, I love the dresses. I would definitely wear them, because I am totally not a “white dress” kinda gal.

      • Odbery

        It’s true that white weddings are a modern thing, kick-started with Queen Victoria wearing English lace to her wedding, but when has black not been the colour of mourning in Western culture? For Eastern culture it’s white, but they wear red in their weddings as that’s their good luck/celebration colour so black dresses would be strange as well. Because this article is expressing surprise at the fact that these dresses aren’t white, I’d say it’s comparing them to Western or at least American traditions.

    • Odbery

      They probably come in white as well, Vera Wang would lose a lot of potential buyers otherwise. That said, they’re all gorgeous, and I’m really digging the black bodice with off-white/beige peeking out even for a typical wedding. And that lace overlay one is to die for.

    • porkchop

      I dislike these. They mostly look thick and heavy to me–like white dresses dyed black, not like dresses that are meant to be black.

    • Emily W.

      Gorgeous dresses – I just don’t think I’m trendy enough to wear one of them as a wedding dress.

    • R.

      I think they’re absolutely beautiful. I’d definitely wear one to my wedding. Such a statement.

    • Jagadambe Dasi

      I wore black leather to my wedding so this is not a turn off to me. These dresses are absolutely stunning. Hats off to Vera Wang.

    • Lara Fate

      Argh. 2 weeks ago I wore a fabulous big black dress to my wedding.
      But now instead of it being a statement dress I just look like another trendy bride. Blergh. I hate being trendy.

    • Katie

      I would for sure wear the black wedding gown, I love the one with the tan color behind it, like black lace in front…I have always dreamed of a black wedding dress, Black is a Strong color that goes with EVERYTHING, as well as the women who wear it….