Can We Talk About Michele Bachmann’s French Manicure?

Michele Bachmann (along with her two crazy eyes) wants to be President. This desire to lead the free world brought her to Vegas last night, to take part in CNN’s debate between GOP hopefuls. This morning, concerned citizens everywhere are dealing with the fallout from… her French tips.

And now, a personal anecdote: we had a male friend who was smart and funny and interesting. He had two strict dealbreakers: he wouldn’t date someone he thought was dumb and he wouldn’t date someone with a French manicure. He thought it was the “height of sleaze.” Some of you might find that shallow. That’s fair, but he’d also go into a lengthy monologue about how those two dealbreakers more often than not showed up in the same girl.

As for us, we kind of just find thick French tips dated-looking. We italicized thick because we can deal with a subtle slender line and also we’re pretty partial to more modern spins with contrasting colors.

So. French tips: is Michele Bachman on the cusp of a new trend or way behind the times?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

(image via HuffPo)

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    • Lauren

      I voted “Awful!” based on her acrylic french tips. Painting your real nails with a thin French manicure is very classic. I also like the modern thing of using different colors. But the moment they are thick and acrylic you just went all Jerseylicious…

    • Beth

      I live in Minneapolis, and you still see conservative ladies wearing French tips out in the suburbs. She’s way behind the times.

    • Danielle

      Thick French manicures are the worst. More importantly, I worry that the appearance of female candidates (yes, even the crazy ones) is examined and picked apart more readily than the appearance of male candidates.

      I like a chance to laugh about how crazy her politics are, and I don’t mind a good ribbing over her fashion/beauty choices. I’d appreciate it more if paired with some hilarious talk about the same choices the male candidates are making.

    • Liz

      I dislike Michele Bachman as much as the next girl but judging female politicians based on looks? Really? Is that still necessary? Especially if there are clearly so many other things you should judge her for…

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Fair enough but we’re not scrutinizing her looks so much as wondering if this is a thing. I posted it because I was unsure if others had the same impression of French manicures I did. Whether they were dated or classic, etc.

        If Rick Perry showed up to a debate in stirrup pants, we would cover it.


    • KiaJD

      I voted awful. For me it’s not about judging female politicians by their looks. I judge EVERYONE with a french mani. Especially people who get it on their toes. I already dislike Bachmann for her mind, not her looks. Now that’s progress.

    • MN Nice

      ew. Don’t like french manicures to start with. Your link to a color version was kind of cool – I might try that. It looks like you’re trying to paint your nails in a decorative color scheme. What Bachmann (and others) wear here looks like you didn’t bother to clean the white paint out from under your nails when you finished painting. It’s the “It’s so fake it looks fake”.

      We can criticize her nail job as well as Clinton’s pants suits in ’08. Or the men’s lame-o tie selections. Fashion and personal taste are fair game. As long as you don’t start concluding she’s an idiot because of her nails. She spends far more time trying to be a political idiot than she does getting her nails done, don’t ‘diss her efforts.

    • Bill Clint

      Michele Bachmann for President! She is a true conservative and is against everything Obama stands for.

      BTW: She probably has a higher IQ than most bloggers on here!

    • Stephanie

      Why is this news? Liberals have nothing better to do than personally attack people. Wake up and learn something.

    • Kelly in USA

      Love it! Michele is beautiful!

    • Eileen

      I really, really like French manicures. They’re like, the dressier version of bare nails. And they’re not necessarily acrylic – my nails are frequently that long, and I only had false tips once in eighth grade (disaster).