Gallery: JWoww Is A Sexy, Branded Femme-bot

As Halloween draws nigh, we here at The Gloss will be showing you all manner of costumes good and bad in an effort to help you better plan your own (and/or laugh at celebrities in bad costumes). Today, I bring you JWoww as one of those creepy Svedka femme-bots, combining the holy trinity of branding, guido-hood, and artificial intelligence as she gets ready for Halloween by walking her(?) dogs. Even androids need companionship, I suppose.

(Via Celebuzz)

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    • Abigail

      I’m confused. If she’s being paid to model it, why are the photos so terrible? Is a drunk friend the photographer/stylist?

    • BL

      Leave Jwoww alone, she has an endorsement deal. Big whoop. I think she’s fairly level headed and she’s making the most out of her reality tv celebrity to make sure she has has something stashed away for when the limelight fades. She knows what she wants, get off her case. Jealous you wouldn’t look that good in that costume?