Gallery: Every Single Piece From Versace’s H&M Collection

After months of hanging on every campaign shot and rumor (and after enduring the menswear collection), the Versace x H&M lookbook is here. The collection is comprised of 50 unisex grey smocks, all of which obscure the figure from below-the-knees and rise to a high neckline. Basically, it makes the Comme des Garcons x H&M collection look like a bunch of slutty Halloween costumes.

Oh, we apologize. It appears the 50 piece collection actually features dresses, skirts, leggings, scarves, handbags, shoes, belts, jewelry, etc. The palette is characteristically Versace: bright as shit pinks, metallic sheathes, black cocktail frocks with gold embellishment, gold embellishment on fucking everything, cutouts, leather, studs, Hawaiian and leopard prints (doye) and much more. Do check out the full collection in the following gallery, but don’t stare directly at it.

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    • Rachel

      I can’t wait for an intern to show up wearing that purple “boob display” dress thinking it looks so mature and professional.

      Overall some really great dresses/blouses though. I really like the first couple of black dresses. Very mod.

      • amber dawn

        Hahahaha… I am very cautious about that because everything with a less-than-Victorian neckline pretty much becomes”boob display” on my body. I like most of the stuff in the collection that doesn’t have insano patterns on it though. (Sorry, but for me, any print that would look right on a cheesy Hawaiian shirt is a no, no, no.)

    • porkchop

      The red dress with the wateau back is like an incredibly cheap (yet still quite desirable) Ceil Chapman.

    • Lynna

      The sequined patterned stuff looks like something Amber from Clueless would be all over.