Video: This Is The Most Impressive Concealer Ad We’ve Ever Seen

I’ll admit that I don’t have a huge amount of faith in concealer. As someone with decent sized under-eye bags, I feel like whatever concealer I put on them just clings thinly to those giant bags of party memories, calling more attention to them than if I had just said “fuck it” and worn my luggage with pride. Maybe I’m just meant to have them? Maybe it’s genetic, and has nothing to do with the fact that I go just a little bit harder than my brittle physical shell would like me to? That’s what I tell myself, anyway. [tagbox tag="Zombie Boy"]

Which is all to say, I got super excited when I saw this rather convincing ad for Dermablend concealer. This stuff looks legit. Try not to focus on Zombie Boy’s angry expressions of constipation, and look at how well the makeup covers his tattoos. It’s like he never got them! Congratulations, Zombie Boy, now you can get a soul crushing office job should the novelty male model industry ever grow less than lucrative for you. And maybe I can finally look like I’ve had a good night’s sleep when I have to meet one of my family members for breakfast at 11am. (Yes, breakfast. Brunch starts at two, dammit.) Everybody wins.

Has anyone actually tried this stuff? Does it work? Is any of this even physically possible, or am I a huge rube for believing the lies of a commercial? Because right now I’m seriously considering ordering some.

(Via The Daily Mail)

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    • Ninargh

      Fuck. I’m convinced.

    • Lynna

      I have a friend who is a makeup artist, and she swears by it for tattoo coverage. Sometimes bridal parties want large pieces covered up for photos, or models need theirs covered up for certain photo shoots. And I’ve played with this stuff before – it works!

      Once while I was bored I covered up the back of my hand just to see the quality. It’s a bitch to take off, but once it’s on it looks like your new skin color. It’s pricey though, so you’d better make a commitment to purchasing and using it.

    • Linna

      I think the Vichy Dermablend is better for everyday use. Watch Lisa Eldridge use it in her acne covering video, it blew my mind. Yay for concealer that actually works well!

    • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

      I just wish he would stop making that face, though.

    • Lindsey

      Well, I would definitely use something like this to cover my tattoo. Not because I’m ashamed of it, but in certain outfits it’s half cut off and awkward. If I want to look my best it should be all the way out or not out at all, if that makes sense.

    • Mae

      I felt very uncomfortable when he stared into my soul and slowly brought the sponge to his chest, then rubbed it ferociously… That whole video was odd, but, that concealer is pretty neat.

    • Sam

      Dermablend is really incredible. It’s used a lot for weddings (someday, I plan on using for my own back tattoos) and work. I’ve heard from a lot of people with facial tattoos that they totally swear by it and think it’s the most fantastic product!

    • erin

      They should use that on the tattoo Barbie….

    • melisa Guevara

      I use this concealer to cover acne scarring and it works wonders!! It’s $20.00 for .3 fl oz tube but it is so pigmented that only a very tiny bit is necessary! I wish they would have a concealer without spf though. And it seriously looks like i’ve been sleeping for 11 hours. high recommend it!

    • bones

      turned on. make it stop.

    • Ash

      His gaze made me feel so uncomfortable

    • W

      I have seen them apply this live on QVC (used to work there) and I must say – it was always astonishing no matter how many times I saw it.