Courtney Stodden Wore A Black Tube Dress, Vinyl Boots To Meet With MTV Execs

Courtney Stodden wears a black tube dress to meet with MTV execs about her reality television show

Our favorite “exotically arousedteenage Twitter genius Courtney Stodden is currently shopping a reality television series based on her crazy life of staging hilarious photo-ops in padded bikinis on the beach with her 51-year-old husband, former actor and current creep Doug Hutchinson. Anyway, the couple showed up to meet with executives at MTV studios dressed like the Slutty Halloween Costume version of herself. Guess who accompanied them:

Courtney Stodden with mom Krista Keller and husband Doug Hutchinson

Yup, world’s best mom, Krista Keller, who also happens to be (you guessed it) Courtney’s manager. We first met Keller when she claimed Courtney was too sexy for Facebook and people were bullying her daughter out of jealousy. Now she explains the subject of the reality television show:

‘It’s going to show people what they can teach each other from different generations. They’re going to touch on family issues. There was a lot of judgment about their marriage from Doug’s side of the family, so it will touch on bringing families back together and why it’s important to support family members even if you don’t agree.’

Yes, because if Courtney gets bullied now, a reality television show will certainly shield her from continuing public criticism.

We’ll leave you with this image of Courtney, Hutchinson and Kellar heading toward MTV studios, which strikes us almost like a surrealistic painting of a bad world:

Courtney Stodden arrives at MTV studios in a black tube dress with mom Krista Keller and husband Doug Hutchinson

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    • Brianna

      What is wrong with her boobs?? They look…lumpy?

      • amber dawn

        I know! I think she has fake ones? but anyway, I thought a dress like that was supposed to land at the part where your boobs are curving back towards your body, if you pull it down to where it smashes them towards the middle, anyone’s boobs look funny. But I think hers especially. Anyway, just utterly tacky.

    • Myschel

      I’m just wondering why she’s wearing a bra with clear straps…I’m pretty sure they have strapless bras for her size…but yeah classy for a 17 yr old right?

      • MM

        That pissed me off too. Clear bra straps are the worst!

    • jill

      That last photo says it all. Sigh. How is this generation of kids not going to end up totally fucked up?

    • Angela

      A reality show?? Ugh…no MTV no!!

      • Nigel


    • Ash

      why does she even need a bra? Fake boobs that size don’t sag or move.

    • Ella

      Clear bra straps are so awesome, because they’re, like, COMPLETELY invisible.

      • Lindsay Cross

        Thank you!

    • michelle

      I wouldn’t let my underage daughter marry that guy or do half the things she does..Kids grow up so fast already, why rush it? I blame the parents for her actions, no guidance, very sad.

    • L

      if you didn’t pay attention to the internet, would you not just think this girl is a prostitute? how have they not been stopped by the police at least once?…or did i miss a day?

    • randa

      i feel like it should be obvious to any woman with boobs that she is just constantly wearing a bra with a huge amount of pushup padding. it’s even more obvious in her swimsuit pictures. they aren’t fake just hiked up to her chin.

    • jb

      For those of you who commented about her bra and her boobs, they probably look funny for a reason. They’re called miraculous bras (and bikinis) from VS (they literally have inches of padding). These bras really can make your boobs look fake. I don’t really think that she has implants…I’m pretty sure it’s just what she wears. I think that IF she has had any work done at all, it would probably be on her face (possibly nose job and lip injections), but I kind of doubt that too. If you know what you’re doing, makeup and fake tanning can dramatically change the way a person looks.
      I can’t say a lot about the way she dresses, because when I was 18 to my early 20′s, I dressed in short, tight clothes a lot too (but I was an adult)! What bothers me more about her, is the way she acts. You can dress in a sexy way and still act like a respectable human being.
      With that being said, she is obviously not as “rill” as she’d like us to believe. Padded bras, glowing orange tan, overly bleached hair, acrylic nails, and more makeup than Bozo, himself…she is aging herself terribly and someday she might just regret it. This poor girl seems to be trying too hard to be something that she’s not, and it’s sad because she really could be very attractive if she was more herself.
      I truly feel sorry for her.

    • From Ocean Shores WA

      She got a boob job right before she competed in the Miss Ocean Shores pageant at 16. The winner then goes on to the Miss WA pageant.
      I have family on the Long Beach peninsula where Stodden grew up and who live in the same small town of Ocean Shores. She was slutty then as she is NOW. Her values are just like her parents Douglas (Doug) & Krista Keller-Stodden who will do anything for a buck. Why do you think her Mom Krista is her manager and let their daughter marry a so called celebrity? It’s all about the $$$ .Their family are the laughing stocks of Ocean Shores.

    • Patricia

      She’s like Slut Barbie on steroids.

      And those transparent bra straps are so 1998 I almost miss high school. Except you know. Silicone bra straps, as we all know evil evil evil. But still. I used to wear those with tank tops and thought was being oh-so-discreet.


    • Nigel

      I can’t believe she’s actually getting a reality tv show. This shit is gonna just give people more ammo to use against her. lol. She acts dumb, she be doing strange shit in interviews with her lips. (ie. Pursing them). I mean I would definitely hit it, but she’s not girlfriend material yet alone wife material. And yes I agree her boobs are fake. they don’t move.