Daryl Hannah’s Weird Heels: How Do You Feel?

Earlier this week, Daryl Hannah showed up to the Environmental Media Awards rocking these odd little black numbers. As you can see, the heel is in the middle of the show. This might either make it really easy to stand, since your weight is evenly dispersed, I guess, or really difficult to stand, since if you caught an errant gust of wind you’d obviously fall backwards and you might be standing at the top of some stairs.

Anyway, how do you feel about them?

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    • Maya Del Mar

      I like these shoes.

      I have heels like these (not the same, but with the same idea), by United Nude, and I can assure you, people, it feels like any other heels, absolutely no difference. At all.

    • Ella

      I don’t get ugly shoes.

      • amber dawn

        yep. I think these are super hideous. But I also feel that way about a lot of the shoes that people are generally supposed to like too. My tastes just run to the really classic/simple.

    • Lu

      I think they would leave the funniest wee footprints!