• Fri, Oct 21 2011

The Editors Discuss: Why Is Peanuts So Depressing?

Editor-in-chief Jennifer Wright had a dental procedure this morning where they took out three of her teeth and replaced them with non-teeth (that look like human teeth!) But when writers have questions like “What is Peanuts about?” SHE ANSWERS THEM. Because WE CARE.

(Ed. Note from Ashley: Trying my damndest to make some sense of this)

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  • Jen

    I’m fairly certain that Charles Schultz suffered from cinical depression.

    You guys are funny, though.

  • Jill

    This doesn’t sound any different that how these conversations usually go.
    Still love it.

  • Lauren

    Garfield minus Garfield is way better than regular Garfield. I would definitely read Peanuts minus the last panel.

    Feel better, Jen!

  • Nancy

    How did you learn the Duck Tales theme in Dutch?