• Sat, Oct 22 2011

Check Out Johnny Weir As The Face Of M.A.C.’s 2011 Holiday Collection

Flamboyantly fab figure skater Johnny Weir is the face of M.A.C.’s 2011 holiday collection, and they’ve already released a few photos with him in them. As you can see, Johnny wears a bejeweled corset in them and is flanked by not one but two futuristic-looking babes.

The collection will focus on sparkly, icy colors, so it seems like Mr. Weir was the natural choice. In addition to appearing in the campaign, he seems to have inspired a lot of the line’s names: “Going For Gold,” “Double Spin,” “Unconditionally Fabulous”…the list goes on. Here’s another photo of him in all his wintry glory:

(Via ONTD)

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  • Barbara

    I love Johnny Weir and will have to check this out!

  • Laura

    I love Johnny Weir and personally think he was robbed at the last winter Olympics. That said, I am not enjoying him in a corset- I don’t think men look good in corsets period. They are meant to accentuate the soft and sensual curves of a woman’s body, not the hard angles and flat chest of a man’s. And I don’t appreciate M.A.C. trying to sell to women by employing the “fabulous gay” stereotype.