Gallery: Realistic Disney Princesses, And One Villain

If Disney princesses were real, what would they look like? Would it be some type of human Barbie doll situation? Or would we find out that they’re just like us after all?

According to Finnish graphic design student Jirka Väätäinen, the truth behind Disney princesses is that they pretty much look like supermodels, even the ones who have fish bottoms for legs. I’m not sure that makes things better from, say, a feminist perspective, whereby one of the problems with Disney princesses is that they set unrealistic beauty standards for girls from a young age, but at least if they’re supermodels it’s in keeping with the images that women will be bombarded with for the rest of their lives. Here’s to consistency!

[via Buzzfeed]

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    • Megan

      Jasmine looks uncomfortably like a Kardashian.

      And these do nothing to ease the unrealistic expectations of awesome hair that Disney beset me with from a young age.

    • edi

      I could have already told you what Ursula would have looked like, she was inspired by Divine-

    • Moll

      for some reason, Aurora terrifies me. Her cheekbones are very intimidating. As for Ursula, I feel like as a cashier, I see her every day.

      • Shannon

        I like all of them except hers. He beauty didn’t translate here. Pity, because she’s my favorite.

    • Nancy

      I didn’t know Ursula was inspired by Divine! Ariel was based on Alyssa Milano. And doesn’t Pochantas look like Tia Carrere?

      • Kim

        Definitely Tia Carrere, my first thought too.

    • Eileen

      Aurora looks like Heidi Klum, I think…

      …and considering how gorgeous Disney princes/heroes/anti-heroes are, the beauty of the women doesn’t really bother me.

      • Canaduck

        This is true. If everybody’s sexy then it’s all okay with me.

    • andrea

      people pochahontes was a real person