Another Alleged ‘Before’ Picture Of Courtney Stodden Surfaces, It Explains Nothing

Recently, we posted a photo of Courtney Stodden, allegedly taken when she was 15. She looked bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and notably different than what she looks like now. But it was tough to tell what plastic surgery, exactly, she had undergone (other than a boob job).

So I don’t know about you, but I had hoped that another “before” photo might help answer some questions. Well, one has reportedly been unearthed, via the blog Crazy Days and Nights, but the mystery of Courtney Stodden remains intact. DRUMROLL PLEASE:

And just as a reminder, this is the after:

Between the top pic and the bottom pic, it looks like the following has happened: she’s lost weight, she’s possibly had her lips and boobs done, she’s aged about 20 years, she’s practiced her porn star face in the mirror, and she’s been assaulted by clown make-up.

But the main difference is the most disturbing: Courtney Stodden, from one year to the next, becomes completely and totally dead in the eyes. It looks like someone has sucked the poor girl’s will to live, leaving her an empty carcass of the human being that she once was.

Did she undergo serious trauma? Has she been fed a steady diet of Oxycontin, Xanax and Vicodin for a year-plus? Or did she sell her soul to the devil in order to grow breasts, thereby explaining both the eyes and her mother’s repeated assertion that her daughter hasn’t had surgery?


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    • carlita

      am i the only person who thinks this might be the same person as paula from real world: ? the before photo is a young paula and “courtney” is just paula post-surgery.

      need proof? paula and courtney have never been photographed at the same place.

      i just blew your mind.

    • jill

      I have had my jaw drop open repeatedly at the photos of this girl that you have posted… I mean, seriously, the pumpkin patch photo shoot? What the…!?!
      But, really, it’s just incredibly sad. It’s a good question you ask. What DID happen to this girl?

    • Tumor

      I don’t think she’s had anything done including a boob job. She’s obviously stuffing her bra now and she’s wearing a ton of makeup. Those plus aging are the only differences,

      • jill

        There is no question that she has had a boob job. And some Davinci veneers.

    • porkchop

      Does this makeup make me look like a clown?

      No, Barbie, it makes you look like a prostitute who caters exclusively TO clowns…


    • Ashley

      Ok. Let’s compare oranges to oranges and apples to apples.

      Generally the same person would be orange to orange but she’s obviously trying really hard to not look she did two short years ago.

      What I would like to see, is Courtney sans makeup, and without the push up bra and the prosti-tot face and then compare it to her early photos.

      And I hate to stand up for her… but when people saw me in university after high school graduation, they couldn’t stop staring at my boobs! Late bloomer: this girl.

      Maybe that’s what happened to her? Right? Please? Because it makes me sad to think she’s had this much work done at 17.

      • jill

        Okay… I hear you. But, seriously. Look at that picture of her on her way to the MTV studios. Those are some fake boobs.

    • SometimesElla

      But seriously, shouldn’t some Department of Child/Family services be stepping in at some point soon.

      Where is the line between having overzealous adults try to push a teenager into show business to make money and full on exploitation?

      • SometimesElla

        Missed a “?” in my first sentence. Apologies. It was intended as a question.

      • MR

        It was 17 for sex when I was 18 – but that was in 1980 – so I don’t think you’re going to take her down that way. You’re right though – we should stop blogging about her, cause it only helps her ‘husband’.

      • SometimesElla

        It’s not necessarily the ‘sex’ part I find disconcerting – teenage kids have sex all the time and if they’re doing it safely that shouldn’t be a big deal. (Granted they’re not always sleeping with 51 year old men, that’s something else entirely.) But what is the legal drop out age? I mean shouldn’t she be in school? Also, there are labor laws. If she’s doing all this in an effort to score a reality show, then it becomes work. It’s her job.

        What’s most disconcerting, in my opinion, is the fact that she seems/looks/acts entirely drugged.

        I’m just sort of baffled that no one has stepped in yet to see what exactly is going on ‘at home’…

      • MR

        I mentioned 17, because it ‘is’ by law when an adolescent woman is in control of own her sexual decision making. My teen generation was very sexually active, and therefore, if you were male and turned 18 you needed to pay attention to such things. But maybe my focal age point for her is invalid as a benchmark. But since she and he are pushing so hard on the sexy image lever, that’s why I chose it. I just checked and it depends on the state, but it’s 16 or 17 for the high school drop out age with parental consent. So she clears that too. Drugged up? Hmm that’s so far in the past, so I can’t help you with that one.

    • paisley

      isn’t it just about 100% obvious that the main difference between photo a and photo b is a high dose of adderall? the weight loss, the dead eyes, the fidgeting, the lip licking about-to-chew-her-face-off-ness. its not surprising a girl of her particular situation would have a prescription – or that it would make her look/act/be like that.

    • Maggie

      She was so pretty before! I think it’s sad that she/her fame-whore mother felt like they had to alter her appearance so drastically to get 15 minutes of fame.

      I also agree with SometimesElla, Courtney is technically still a minor, so shouldn’t all those “sexy” pictures raise some alarm? The whole situation is just sad and gross.

    • Megs

      She was so much prettier before. She just acts like a damn freak (not the good kind)!

      For the record, I do not believe that she has implants. Look at any picture and you will see that she wears those kinds of “add two cup size” bras in every picture. She also seems to think that spray tan contouring her boobs in addition to her “abs” will make them look even larger.

      I’ve done a lot of my own personal research on breast implants, and seen many many pictures in all stages of healing- these look real to me, but I think she does so much to them to try and give them a fake look. Didn’t we all have that one girl who was a skinny thing with D’s at our school? It’s not really that unusual, you know…

      Regardless, she is fucking idiot, as is her mother. It is more sad than anything.

    • Meghan

      Brow lift? Just wondering, but look how high her eyebrows are, and look how tight her forehead is. I’m not a plastic surgery expert, but is that a brow lift or is she just tilting her head back in a weird way in pic #2?

    • Ashley

      I’ll go with brow lift (at the very least). If not, it would take some serious reshaping and contouring, etc.

      Other than that and the obvious boob job, I don’t think she’s had work done- ten pounds of makeup will make people think otherwise.