Gallery: The Best Of Courtney Stodden’s Facebook Page

When Courtney Stodden had her Facebook page reinstated, it opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Not only can we gawk in horror/awe at her 24-hour sex and Jesus carnival, we can now gawk at the various individuals who’ve seen fit to grace her Facebook page with their comments. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to gawk at yourself a little bit for being so easily suckered in by a poorly parented teenager’s cries for attention. (I am slapping myself in the face as we speak, but it’s not working.)

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    • Kait

      Is it just me or does her face look superimposed/photoshopped onto the “Me at 14″ photo?!

      • Steph

        You’re not alone.

    • Lexie

      I can’t look away from the trainwreck.

      But to answer your (hypothetical?) question…my breasts grew naturally from a AA to a DD in two and a half years. I also gained about fifty pounds and worked at Panera Bread, so there you go. But it did happen, and I’m still fat. Yay genetics!

      • amber dawn

        I feel like my breasts went from nothing to C in about 60 seconds when I was 13, and I was wearing a D cup by the time I was 14 and was still pretty skinny (well, 130 pounds, which according to magazines is fat, at least when talking about Britney Spears, but, I’m pretty sure I was thin) but, my breasts also looked like squishy bags of fat immediately, and not like I had bowling balls implanted under my skin, so to me the jury’s still out.

    • miinxi

      BAHAHA I love the comment: “I am America!” “America needs to get her roots done” hahahaahahaha!!

    • Fabel

      “Personally, I don’t find her good-looking at all and find she talks like a crack head in all her interviews”

      I like how diplomatic Kristen’s trying to be when basically her sentiment is “She’s a busted crack-whore”

    • Kyla

      This site is quickly becoming the unofficial courtney stodden appreciation society

    • helpful

      Those photos aren’t even from Stodden’s facebook page. Her url is You got those photos from which is actually a fan site.