German Kid’s Book Teaches That Being Gay Is A-OK

Here’s a crazy concept — what if we taught children to love other people, and accept other people for who they are?

Just give it a minute, America…see how it feels….

Kind of nice, right? Well, that’s exactly what one German author is doing with the publication of a kid’s book about a child with a gay dad. In the book, the kid’s parents get divorced, and the dad moves in with his “friend.” The mom later explains to the child that his dad and his dad’s friend are homosexuals, which is “just another type of love.” The mom goes on to tell the child that “love is the only way to achieve happiness.” The dad is happy, she says, and because of that, the kid is happy too.

What. A novel. Concept.

[via Buzzfeed]

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    • Jennifer Wright

      I’m going to be honest: I find Dad and Frank annoyingly co-dependent. Why can’t they shave by themselves?

      In other words, I hate them for who they are.

    • Jennifer Wright

      Other than that, this book is charming.

    • Ness

      You do know that this book was originally published in 1990 in Los Angeles right? It’s called Daddy’s Roommate.

    • P. G. O. A. T.

      This isn’t a German kids book – it’s just been translated into German. It’s over 20 years old and it IS American.

    • P.G.O.A.T.

      Your ‘Just give it a minute, America…’ comment is pretty funny. You ought to have done a bit more research on this book before this post. Even your own link blatanly reads that it is a German translation.

    • Arthi

      Props for including the kid’s mom in this. Showing that, gasp, not all divorced couples hate each other.